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Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

28 Apr

It’s the eve of the wedding of the decade–maybe even the century.  It would’ve been hard to miss the fact that Diana’s son William, future king of England, was marrying his college sweetheart Kate Middleton.  To be honest, even the staunchest of royal watchers would’ve probably gone off the wedding for a while, after the non-stop TV coverage of what the media thought to be the ins and outs of the wedding.  But I won’t be a hypocrite and say I didn’t enjoy the newsbits.  I lapped it up, like a good little Royals watcher!  Haha!

And as people trace the path of the horse-drawn carriage that the newly wed royal couple will follow towards the Buckingham Palace, I find myself thinking about the last time I’d seen the Mall…properly.

The Mall

We found our places in the rotunda near the monument for Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham Palace ahead of time because I wanted to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Queen Victoria's Monument

We watched the Changing of the Guard and witnessed something else spectacular!  Oopsie poopsie horsey! 🙂

Oopsie Poopsie Horsie!

While there will be naysayers, I’m sure a lot of people who won’t come down to London to brave the unbelievable crowds, like me, will be watching from the relative comforts of their homes.  I will be up early (BBC coverage starts at 8AM) and I will be watching the pre-wedding reporting until they show coverage of the wedding.  I may just shed a tear when they come out on the balcony and share their first public kiss.  I mean, hey, everybody loves a wedding! 🙂