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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

17 May

How lovely is it that the photo challenge topic this week is my favourite colour?  And how horrible is it that I don’t have a lot of photos with blue as the primary colour?!?  That is, until I opened my Elephants in London folder!

In the summer of 2010, a herd of colourful elephants appeared in London.  The elephant parade was done to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants.  People all over London were taking photos of the amazing elephants that took up residence in neighbourhoods and landmarks in the capital.

I thought I’d share the blue-coloured ones in honour of the theme for this week’s photo challenge!

Leicester Square, May 2010

One of two blue elephants in Leicester Square.

Leicester Square Too, May 2010

The second blue elephant in Leicester Square

Charles I Statue, London, May 2010

One of the blue elephants near Trafalgar Square.


Charles I Statue, London, May 2010

One of 2 elephants near Charles I Statue.


Somewhere in London

I can’t remember where this one was exactly!


Trafalgar Square Too, May 2010

This one was in the corner of the square, the corner nearest to Canada House.



21 Oct

I’d forgotten about this picture.  This was taken on one of the days I was walking around (quite possibly trying to get my bearings) London.   This street artist was just starting on his piece.  This was next to the steps going up to the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square.  It was a chilly but beautifully sunny day in November  I just had to take a snapshot!


Street Artist, London, November 2009

Thoughts on Harry Potter

7 Jul

After reading the books, listening to the audio tapes and watching the movies, I can’t believe we’ve finally reached the end of the phenomenon that is Harry Potter.  I’m sure it’s even tougher for the people who worked on the films and became a family because of it.  10 years of working with the same individuals is pretty much like developing a family.  While J.K. Rowling might have turned into this billionaire (with a heart of gold, I might add), she gave the world an amazing set of 7 books, an escape to a world like the rest of us normal individuals have never imagined (well, maybe some of us did, but those of us who did never put pen to paper, now did they?).  I think because the books were here baby, I think it was harder to finally write the end of the book.

I’m not going to watch the last installment of Harry Potter as soon as it comes out.  I think subconsciously it’s to postpone the inevitable…but postpone it, I will!  My excuse is that if I watch it with everyone else rushing to see it, the cinema will be noisy filled with kids oooohing and aaaahing over the film (I really am becoming ornery in my old age!) and I won’t be able to enjoy the film as much (and I want to savour it really as it is the LAST of the Potter films!).  So I am watching it a couple of weeks, maybe more, after the movie comes out in the cinemas.

As I watch the Harry Potter stars work their way on the red carpet in Trafalgar Square (as a true HP fan, I am glued to the live telecast of the premier on Sky!), I am torn between looking forward to watching how this all unfolds (of course I know how it ends, but I always look forward to seeing how they translate the book into a movie) and between not wanting it all to end!

The working 2012 clock!

5 Apr

The world is counting the days till the Royal Wedding.  But quite honestly, I think most of the UK is counting down the days to the 2012 Olympics more than the wedding.

Had to take a picture and post it as an homage to the TV show Twenty Twelve and the great Hugh Bonneville  (aka in some circles as the Earl of Grantham).

Olympic Countdown Clock-Trafalgar Square