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Brain drain

26 Jun

I don’t know when I became techie, or even if I really am techie.

I am currently trying to set up a grants application submission site and I’ve been at it for several days now.  I still can’t seem to arrange it in my head.  Usually when I encounter new software, I usually go okay, so how does this go and I usually understand things.  Because I’m able to understand the sequence of events, because I’m able to understand that if I create that bit, it creates a different bit.  I’m at the stage though where I am completely frustrated with myself because I can’t seem to understand this particular system!  I can’t seem to find my rhythm!

I look at it and wonder if I’m doing things right!

I look at it and all my brain wants to do is to say, “Uhmmmmm….???”



22 Oct

This post was inspired by my spiritual sister.  She sent out a tweet to ask people a question that would help her write her sermon for Sunday.  She inspires me to write about my faith. 🙂

I am blessed because I work in an environment that values google searches, Twitter, Facebook pages and all sorts of media, traditional or otherwise.  So there is no moratorium on the use of Twitter or the use of the internet to do searches.  We’re allowed to check our personal emails as long as, of course, it is done within reason.

The trouble, sometimes, with all this freedom is that you forget what your limitations are.  You forget that sometimes you’re meant to be looking for something work-related on Twitter  and not at your friends’ status updates.  Or that you go on Facebook to update a client’s page, and not check your own status update comments.  Or that you check your personal email for an email from an application you’re trying out and you end up reading an email from a family member.  The lines do get a bit blurry sometimes.

The wonderful world wide web, such as it is, with all its information can prove to be quite the distraction.  Being “online” all the time is one of this generation’s biggest distractions.  Technology does have a way of keeping you  tap-tapping all the time in front of the computer and letting life pass you by.  I find that most times, when I want to look through bible study notes on specific topics and I punch out a search on Google, I get distracted by what the other search results are.  There are times when I find myself reading something completely different from what I originally planned.  It’s only too easy to lose oneself in the maze of the big triples Ws.

Keeping myself focused on work with the temptation of unlimited access to the internet at work isn’t really difficult because there are too many things to do at work, too many things to tick off the to-do list.  But there are times when you lose focus ever so slightly.  It’s the same thing when it comes to one’s walk in faith.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day concerns, to forget to read the bible, to forget to pray in the morning when you’re running late and need to get ready.

It’s sometimes difficult to do what Proverbs 4:25-27 says, to “[L]et your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure. Do not swerve to the right or to the left; turn your foot away from evil.”  Sometimes without meaning to, I find myself on one of those side roads that I’m meant to to avoid.  It is worrying for me that I am not always sure-footed in this journey of faith.  I fall by the wayside, or take steps back instead of forward, or I take a side street or I stop at a pit stop a little longer than what’s on God’s itinerary for my walk.

The lovely bit about all this is, God knows that we can be distracted, even with the strongest of our resolves.  In 1 Corinthians 10:13 it says, “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to endure it.”  He KNOWS this about us, so he will equip us to cope with the distractions.  He won’t put us in situations that we cannot get through without His help.  He uses all the situations where we don’t follow the map to make us more sure-footed in the future.  He makes sure that all the experiences we have strengthen our faith in Him.

God gave us the tools so that we can navigate through life His way.  He gave us prayer and he gave us the bible.  I find this passage from 2 Timothy 3:16-17 very comforting about the Bible (it’s probably why I’ve always felt the need to have an actual bible in the house, and not just in my Kindle!):  “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work.”  You know that old Sunday School song about reading the bible and praying everyday so we grow?  It rings the truth loud and clear.  He has provided us with the best road map and the best mode of communication.  He has also provided us with a keen sense of direction, of knowing when we are straying from the prescribed path.  We only have to listen to the alarm bells, no matter how faint the sound is.  When we get lost, we can easily find out way back because He made it possible for us to do so!  All we have to do is call on Him and read his directions.

How awesome is that?

Dependence on technology

14 Jun

My iPhone died a little death last night.  It’s on its third life really, after being rescucitated by Alan (I am under no illusions that it is like a cat with the proverbial 9 lives).  It happened once before, several months ago.  The same thing happened.  It just switched itself off and wouldn’t power back on.

The first time it happened, after the first incident of it switching itself off, it had this weird blurry graphic on the top of the screen.  So I did what I usually did, switch the phone off then switch it back on.  After a couple of attempts, it finally told me it had enough of the powering on and off bit.  It just wouldn’t switch on.  But all that had to be done was reinstall software (I think!).  Then it worked beautifully.

…or so I thought!

It seemed to be completely slow yesterday.  But I was dealing with issues from the Facebook app that kept asking me if I wanted to switch on my location services.  I didn’t, but I must have clicked on something that made it want to prompt me.  After looking at forums, the common suggestion was to uninstall the programme.  So that was what I did.  Then the phone stopped responding.  Then it switched itself off.

After fixing my iPhone, which needed to be re-synched,  Alan discovered that my laptop also needed replacing as it was becoming dreadfully s…l…o…w.  We finally finished working on my mobile at nearly 1AM (and it didn’t synch everything perfectly owing to my now faulty laptop)!

These are expenditures that I don’t really want to think about but need to deal with because they are the most important things for keeping in touch with my family at home.  I am now trying to decide which purchase is more important: a mobile phone (and I am most certainly looking at getting another iPhone) or a laptop.

So if you were in my position…

Techie Schmechie

29 Jan

I have a page that I’m building but I’m not quite ready to start it yet.  And so, being at a sort of blogging crossroad, I’ve decided to turn to my inspiration page aka The Daily Post.  One of the post suggestions that caught my interest and whetted my writing appetite (how badly am I messing up metaphors now, eh?).  So the question was:

What tech can’t you live without?

I cannot live without my mobile phone.  And not just ANY mobile phone.  I can’t live without my iPhone!  Now, it’s not as if millions read this blog (I wish people would though because I like to think I’ve got something to say :)) so my saying that I’d love to charge to advertise Apple products on it wouldn’t make much of a difference.  BUT if Mr Steve Jobs was listening, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE AN IPHONE 4!

Right.  Wishlist now exposed, I shall continue (I digress a lot on this blog!).  I have everything on my iPhone.  I have my address book (which has phone numbers of all my contacts both here and in the Philippines), I can listen to music on the go (the only snag is that I can’t listen to the radio–makes me miss my Nokia6300!) I can use the internet on my phone, I can check my emails on the phone, I can facebook and tweet on my phone, I can find my way around a city with it, plan my journeys with it, I can even blog on my phone (you gotta love that WordPress app!).

I’d love to have the opportunity to compare smart phones (is anyone listening to this?!?!?  willing mobile phone crash test dummy here!), but blackberries, tablets, touchscreen phones cost a lot of money.  Without being able test drive these new-fangled phones, I don’t think I have a fair comparative base.  I love my iPhone.  It allows me to be more mobile.

I remember how it was to not even have a landline (after having our phone application shelved for more than 20 years by the telcom that had a monopoly on telephone contracts!).  But when I think back to those times, I’m thankful technology has moved on and people like Steve Jobs have been given the opportunity to create the magical gadgets that they’ve put together.  It’s definitely made my life fuller because I’m able to move around.  It’s made me possible to keep in touch with my family and friends who are back home, in the Philippines, on a real-time basis.

God bless the techies!

God bless technology!

9 Jan

I’ve just finished talking to my parents via Yahoo video chat.  While it is one-sided because I don’t have a webcam (my laptop doesn’t have one built-in and I haven’t really made a conscious effort to actually buy one), it is wonderful to get to see them and see their reactions and their smiles.  It helps stave off the homesickness and it helps me stay connected.

I remember the time when we didn’t even have a landline.  We lived in an area of Quezon City that PLDT (the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, which was, at the time, the only telephone service provider in the country!) hadn’t quite reached yet.  Our closest neighbour and one of my dearest friends Jo and I attempted to communicate via intercom–she had one unit at theirs and I had one unit at ours.  It sort of worked, but it mostly didn’t.  When we finally had a landline (courtesy of BayanTel–20 years after we first put in our application for a PLDT landline!!!), the landline was then replaced by the mobile phone and text messaging.

Then we got internet.  I can’t even remember which company it was.  But I remember you had to install software so that you could connect to the internet.  Once we had internet, well, we were exposed to the World Wide Web!  You had all sorts of things like emails (I created my first account on Yahoo!),  instant messaging (I remember AOL IM was the first one I tried, then MSN Messenger then Yahoo Messenger, which my entire family uses now).  Let’s not get into the techie hardware as I don’t think I’d qualify enough to talk about my iPhone, laptop and, this is a recent addition, my Kindle!

I don’t know what I’d do without the internet and all the lovely gadgets that I have.  Technology seems to have become quite the necessity.  I can still remember the days when my nicest pieces of kit was portable typewriter (courtesy of my Uncle Wawell) and a Commodore 64 computer!  There are days when I wish it was still possible to survive without the techie bits.  But these days are few and far between.  I am thankful there is the technology to keep in touch with my family on a daily basis.

God bless technology and all the techie people who create all these wonderful techie things! 🙂

The internet is really, really great

30 Aug

Not having internet for over 24-hours was an eye-opener.  I had not realised how important it was, and how much it was a part of my life now.  I use Facebook and Twitter and emails and instant messaging to keep in constant touch with my family and friends.

I felt like I’d lost a limb for a while.  But the internet connection is now back.  Hurrah!

God bless technology!