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21 Apr

I think this is the first photo challenge that I knew I didn’t have to dig photos out for.  As luck would have it, I took sun-themed photos this week!

If I get off at Dovercourt, the shortest way to my block of flats is to cross over the train tracks via the overpass.  I saw a fantastic photo opportunity when I saw how the sun was peeking through the clouds.

Sunset over Dovercourt, April 2012


Another “sun shot” presented itself yesterday.  Yesterday was the most confusing day ever.  We had cold winds, gray skies, amazing sunshine, brilliantly blue skies, rain and hail!  All in one day!  The blue skies were too pretty not to photograph for posterity though!  The sun was shining so brightly that I just pointed my iPhone upward and took the photo!  I intended to photograph only the blue skies and the lovely feathery clouds but the sun saw it fit to insinuate itself into the picture!

Sunny in Colchester, April 2012


Sunny March!

27 Mar

It’s a quiet but very sunny day.

I’m sitting at the registration desk that we’ve been running since Sunday and I feel sleepy.  To be honest, am probably more tired than sleepy.  It’s  quiet, and there’s a lull in activity.  I would probably give a lot to get the chance to curl up and take a quick (or not-so-quick) nap.

But that’s not possible when your job is to manage these events.  Tomorrow night is going to be a long night!  I always joke about the fact that my job is always in the way of me having a life.  It used to be a joke, albeit prophetic, but now, I think it’s more a statement of fact!

March Sunshine 2012

Hunker down!

7 Oct

I should really start working but my excuse is that I’m aiming to find focus.  I know I can’t do it with Facebook and Twitter open. I really should find a way to kickstart my day and get rid of this inertia!

It’s a lovely sunny day today and, fingers crossed, I hope it stays that way all throughout the day.  I find myself making excuses in my head for not starting work.  But a girl’s gotta earn her living!

It’s a good day today.

Bring on the day! 🙂