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Thoughts on the Royal Wedding

28 Apr

It’s the eve of the wedding of the decade–maybe even the century.  It would’ve been hard to miss the fact that Diana’s son William, future king of England, was marrying his college sweetheart Kate Middleton.  To be honest, even the staunchest of royal watchers would’ve probably gone off the wedding for a while, after the non-stop TV coverage of what the media thought to be the ins and outs of the wedding.  But I won’t be a hypocrite and say I didn’t enjoy the newsbits.  I lapped it up, like a good little Royals watcher!  Haha!

And as people trace the path of the horse-drawn carriage that the newly wed royal couple will follow towards the Buckingham Palace, I find myself thinking about the last time I’d seen the Mall…properly.

The Mall

We found our places in the rotunda near the monument for Queen Victoria in front of Buckingham Palace ahead of time because I wanted to see the Changing of the Guard ceremony.

Queen Victoria's Monument

We watched the Changing of the Guard and witnessed something else spectacular!  Oopsie poopsie horsey! 🙂

Oopsie Poopsie Horsie!

While there will be naysayers, I’m sure a lot of people who won’t come down to London to brave the unbelievable crowds, like me, will be watching from the relative comforts of their homes.  I will be up early (BBC coverage starts at 8AM) and I will be watching the pre-wedding reporting until they show coverage of the wedding.  I may just shed a tear when they come out on the balcony and share their first public kiss.  I mean, hey, everybody loves a wedding! 🙂


A Promise Kept

7 Apr

My Duckie, aka my baby sister (who’s not really a baby anymore as she’s turning 28 this year…but hey, she’ll always be my baby doll to me!), is one of the biggest Princess Diana fans I know.  I couldn’t quite believe it when I heard the news about her death.  Duckie and I were glued to the news channels (mostly the BBC though as we were such Anglophiles!).  I remember us sitting in front of the telly, watching the BBC in tears (yes, I cried buckets too!) as we watched her funeral.

One of the promises I made to my sister was that when I could, I would go visit the memorial that was built for Diana in Hyde Park, if I was in England before she ever got here.  It was opened by the Queen in July 2004.  When I came to the UK with my folks in 2007, to attend my cousin’s wedding in Edinburgh, we went to Hyde Park but we never got around to going to the memorial.  I wasn’t able to keep my promise then.  And when I moved to the UK in 2008, I thought I’d have a better chance of taking a photograph of the memorial for Duckie.  I mean how hard would that be, to take a picture, I mean.  I knew where Hyde Park was, it wasn’t as if London was such a far away place, and I did manage to take good photos.

But nearly three years on, I’ve only just managed to keep my promise to my baby sis (you could say it was a long time coming).  I finally managed to find the memorial (Hyde Park is so beautifully signposted, as they probably know that a lot of people will want to see the Diana Memorial, so as long as you know how to follow arrows, you’ll be okay!) .  Making my way from the Bayswater entrance, I walked through the park.  I loved how beautiful the flowering trees were.    I don’t know if the people who manage the park are told that they are doing a wonderful job.  I think the parks management services in the Philippines should come and take a look at how a park should be taken care of.   I even came across the Peter Pan statue.

And most importantly, I managed to snap photos and keep my promise.

Here you go, Duckiepoooes xxx

Daffodils in Hyde ParkSeeing daffodils always make me smile.  I couldn’t resist taking a photo!

A tree with lovely blossomsA few minutes after I passed the daffodils, there was this tree.  It was a photo op I couldn’t pass up.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me.  It was too beautiful!  I literally had to stop and just look at it!

Serpentine RiverI think this is the part of the Serpentine called The Long Water.  On the map, outside the Bayswater entrance, it looked like all one had to do was to follow the Serpentine, until you saw the memorial.  It was all signposted, so it wasn’t so hard.  You just had to have a sense of direction…and adventure!  It was quite a walk!

Peter Pan statue, Hyde ParkAlong the path, I saw Peter Pan!  Didn’t see Wendy and the boys though!

Interesting TreeI love taking photos of interesting trees.  I often wonder, if trees could talk, what stories they could tell!

The Diana MemorialAnd finally I was there!

Diana, Princess of Wales, Memorial FountainThe memorial, made of 545 pieces of Cornish granite, is meant to symbolise Diana’s openness.  Visitors are invited to sit, refresh their feet in the water (it is quite a trek, now that I think about it, to get to the memorial!) or dangle their hands in the water.  I wasn’t alone in wanting to visit as there were so many people there as well, taking pictures, sitting down and absorbing the fact that they, too, were at the memorial (it was hard to take a picture without including someone else in the frames!).  The aim was to make visitors feel at home when they went to see the memorial.  Maybe it’s because I am a fan at heart, but the place was lovely, peaceful and relaxing.  The way they wanted it to.  But the most important thing was, I managed to keep a promise that I made to Duckie!