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I might move…

24 Apr

I’ve been thinking of a way to make the blog look and feel better.  I have so many interests that sometimes I wonder if people don’t think my blog is so disjointed.  So I’m thinking of creating another blog, one that incorporates my foodie-wannabe entries, my photography (however amateurish it is!) and my day to day journalling (because, let’s face it, I can’t write in my journal AND write in my blog all the time and write faithfully in BOTH!).

And because I value your opinion, help me choose a blog URL?



Dependence on technology

14 Jun

My iPhone died a little death last night.  It’s on its third life really, after being rescucitated by Alan (I am under no illusions that it is like a cat with the proverbial 9 lives).  It happened once before, several months ago.  The same thing happened.  It just switched itself off and wouldn’t power back on.

The first time it happened, after the first incident of it switching itself off, it had this weird blurry graphic on the top of the screen.  So I did what I usually did, switch the phone off then switch it back on.  After a couple of attempts, it finally told me it had enough of the powering on and off bit.  It just wouldn’t switch on.  But all that had to be done was reinstall software (I think!).  Then it worked beautifully.

…or so I thought!

It seemed to be completely slow yesterday.  But I was dealing with issues from the Facebook app that kept asking me if I wanted to switch on my location services.  I didn’t, but I must have clicked on something that made it want to prompt me.  After looking at forums, the common suggestion was to uninstall the programme.  So that was what I did.  Then the phone stopped responding.  Then it switched itself off.

After fixing my iPhone, which needed to be re-synched,  Alan discovered that my laptop also needed replacing as it was becoming dreadfully s…l…o…w.  We finally finished working on my mobile at nearly 1AM (and it didn’t synch everything perfectly owing to my now faulty laptop)!

These are expenditures that I don’t really want to think about but need to deal with because they are the most important things for keeping in touch with my family at home.  I am now trying to decide which purchase is more important: a mobile phone (and I am most certainly looking at getting another iPhone) or a laptop.

So if you were in my position…