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Techie Schmechie

29 Jan

I have a page that I’m building but I’m not quite ready to start it yet.  And so, being at a sort of blogging crossroad, I’ve decided to turn to my inspiration page aka The Daily Post.  One of the post suggestions that caught my interest and whetted my writing appetite (how badly am I messing up metaphors now, eh?).  So the question was:

What tech can’t you live without?

I cannot live without my mobile phone.  And not just ANY mobile phone.  I can’t live without my iPhone!  Now, it’s not as if millions read this blog (I wish people would though because I like to think I’ve got something to say :)) so my saying that I’d love to charge to advertise Apple products on it wouldn’t make much of a difference.  BUT if Mr Steve Jobs was listening, I WOULD ABSOLUTELY LOVE AN IPHONE 4!

Right.  Wishlist now exposed, I shall continue (I digress a lot on this blog!).  I have everything on my iPhone.  I have my address book (which has phone numbers of all my contacts both here and in the Philippines), I can listen to music on the go (the only snag is that I can’t listen to the radio–makes me miss my Nokia6300!) I can use the internet on my phone, I can check my emails on the phone, I can facebook and tweet on my phone, I can find my way around a city with it, plan my journeys with it, I can even blog on my phone (you gotta love that WordPress app!).

I’d love to have the opportunity to compare smart phones (is anyone listening to this?!?!?  willing mobile phone crash test dummy here!), but blackberries, tablets, touchscreen phones cost a lot of money.  Without being able test drive these new-fangled phones, I don’t think I have a fair comparative base.  I love my iPhone.  It allows me to be more mobile.

I remember how it was to not even have a landline (after having our phone application shelved for more than 20 years by the telcom that had a monopoly on telephone contracts!).  But when I think back to those times, I’m thankful technology has moved on and people like Steve Jobs have been given the opportunity to create the magical gadgets that they’ve put together.  It’s definitely made my life fuller because I’m able to move around.  It’s made me possible to keep in touch with my family and friends who are back home, in the Philippines, on a real-time basis.

God bless the techies!