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My song du jour

22 Dec

I love this song!  Everytime I hear it, it brings a tear to my eye (actually more than a tear.  I kind of feel I can solve the water shortage problem) .  Sometimes there are songs that do that to you.  This one ticks all the tear boxes for me.  By the time the song finishes, I’m a blubbering wreck.

If you can, buy the song from iTunes, as I think all the song proceeds go to charities helping the soldiers.  It’s such a small thing to pay for them defending world peace.  Plus you get a great song to listen to.  It’s called Wherever You Are and it’s sung by a group called Military Wives.  The Military Wives is a choir formed by Gareth Malone.  The women in the choir are wives and girlfriends of the soldiers serving.  I first saw them sing the song live on BBC1’s The One Show.  And I fell in love!

I really hope they make it to Christmas Number One!


Waiting for Wednesday

17 Aug

This is one of my favourite Lisa Loeb songs.  It’s such a cheerful tune and yet, when you read the lyrics, there’s a decidedly sad tone.  The girl really is waiting for Wednesday because she thinks she’s ready to break up with the boy she’s with.  She loves him but he seems to bring her down…a lot.  It’s a cliché but love isn’t enough.  Sometimes the best thing to do is to step away and put oneself first.

Are you waiting for a certain Wednesday to say goodbye to something in your life?

Waiting for Wednesday, my stomach doesn’t hurt enough
Pain always is the sign
Waiting for Wednesday, no proof of mine exists
So l don’t have to take it back
Don’t want to show you good-bye, show you good-bye, show you goodbye
Show you good-bye

But you’re waiting for Wednesday, waiting for Wednesday
Waiting for Wednesday, I pray you’ll put me on the spot
I do believe you, that you’ll love me that you’ll leave me
Don’t want to show you good-bye, show you good-bye

What will I do when you come near to me?
You’ll put me on the spot
You’ve been doing this a long, long time,
Not that you’re better than me, but that you do it a lot
Now I’m waiting for Wednesday, waiting for Wednesday
Waiting for Wednesday, I’m waiting for Wednesday.
I’m gonna show you good-bye, show you good-bye, show you good-bye
Show you good-bye
Now I’m waiting for Wednesday
You’re back from out of town, the West is dry, your mind is clear
And I don’t want to be here, I don’t want to be here
I don’t want to be here
To show you good-bye

And I’m waiting for Wednesday, waiting for Wednesday
I’m waiting for Wednesday, to show you good-bye
I don’t want to be here, to show you good-bye
Waiting for Wednesday, I don’t want to be here.
Waiting for Wednesday, to show you good-bye, to show you good-bye

And so it is…

29 Apr

I was terribly ill when they announced the engagement, so I was at home.  I always make it a point to watch BBC Breakfast when I’m at home and as it happens, I was ill for several days and needed a pick-me-up on the day that they announced the engagement.  So there I was, feeling feverish, stomach completely unstable, stubbornly sitting on the couch, waiting for William and Kate to make the announcement well and truly official.  And after the announcement, the next thing to wait for was the actual wedding.  And after all the waiting for all the announcements, we’re finally here.  The Royal Wedding Day.

Royal Engagement Portrait. Mario Testino/Clarence House Press Office

I got up an hour later than I planned.  I wanted to watch all the pre-wedding goings on on telly.  But as it happens, I woke up at 9AM instead of 8AM.  I rushed out to the front room so I could plonk myself on the sofa, switched on my laptop so I could tweet (I tweet a lot, I think!) and had a bacon and egg sandwich to get me through the morning (I had a pork roast planned for the mid-day meal—midday used quite loosely as I figured I wouldn’t be able to cook until waaaay after the wedding coverage was over!  Think 2PM?).  I think only the wedding scrooges would say anything negative about it.  It was a lovely wedding of a beautiful couple.  And, because I’m a hopeless romantic, I’d like to think that it was not only a wonderful partnership strengthened by time, it was a meeting of minds and a melding of hearts (how fanciful is that?!?).

All throughout the day, I couldn’t help but think of Damien Rice’s song Blower’s Daughter.  It seemed like a good song for the soundtrack of the wedding, if you will.  Because really, you couldn’t really take your eyes off William and Kate and how stunning Kate was and how dashing William looked in his uniform (despite the hairloss!  Sorry!  it just had to be said as his receding hairline was a bit like the elephant in the room.  He is, what is called in the Philippines, “now showing”.).

I think it was brilliant timing for a wedding.  It was just what Great Britain needed.  And it’s given the British people a chance to fall in love with the monarchy again.

Oh and to St Kate and St William, THANK YOU FOR THE EXTRA BANK HOLIDAY! 🙂

Frisky and Mannish

23 Apr

Was watching Britain’s Got Talent  and saw this act in Glasgow do a nursery rhyme mashup ala Frisky and Mannish.  All the judges obviously hadn’t heard of Frisky and Mannish and the kind of fabulous music that they do.  So here is the real deal.  This was when they performed on Scott Mills’ radio show:

Open Mic: Nica del Rosario

17 Mar

She’s a friend of a friend and I got the link off Twitter.  I very rarely post covers on the blog, but when I heard this girl sing, I felt that more people should hear her “awesome” voice (that’s a quote from her friend, my friend Ace :)).

Here’s the link and have a listen folks!

Nica del Rosario covers Rebecca Black’s Friday


Photo credit:

Open mic – voices.com

It has arrived too!

4 Feb

Just wanted to share (yes, all right!  I’m having a fan girl moment!).  The second of the two Alfie Boe CDs that I bought arrived today.  While I am very excited to listen to the songs (I might just start singing with Alfie Boe while when the CD gets to the Gaelic Blessing as the chancel choir in the church I used to attend at home would often sing that as the benediction during church services—yes I used to sing in a choir!), I think I’m more excited to find out what my folks think about the CDs.  I chose them with my mum and dad in mind!


It has arrived!

3 Feb

I’m massively pleased that one of the Alfie Boe CDs I ordered has arrived today.  I’m definitely looking forward to going home and listening to all the songs in the album.  I’m also looking forward to getting the other Alfie Boe CD I ordered as it has hymns that we sang in church!  Am so looking forward to sharing the music with my folks!  My dad will love the Bring Him Home CD and my mum will enjoy the Onward album.

What an excellent way to salvage an otherwise yucky day 🙂

Oooooh but then again, there is the Chinese New Year din-din tonight.  Right!  All is right in Yelly World again.  All one needs really is great food and great music! 🙂

Alfie Boe - Bring Him Home CD