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Happy birthday Ima!

27 Jan

It’s my mom’s birthday.  A few days ago, I sent her an email asking her what she had planned for her birthday.  She said she had no plans, that it was just an ordinary day.  In my head I was thinking, “How could this be just an ordinary day, when it’s the birthday of such an extraordinary woman?”

As I usually do, I put up a picture and a looooooong message to my dearest ones on Facebook.  I couldn’t decide what to write and how to express my feelings, for everything my mom has done for us.  What I wrote, I feel, just skims the surface.

To my dearest Ima,

Words can never express how much I value everything that you’ve done and everything you do for us. Even now, as I think of everything you’ve done, everything you’ve given up for us, my heart wells up. Thank you for always fighting for our chance to have the best of opportunities, even if the person you had to figh…t was us. You taught us to speak, and speak well, to write and write well, you taught us about love, honesty and devotion. You taught us to persevere and you taught us that kindness must always be our first thought. We learned from you what it is to trust God, you guided us in our journey of faith and you have allowed us to know the Lord, to trust and to love Him. A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person who makes leaning unnecessary. Your love and your unfailing support has allowed us to dream our dreams and find the strength to make those dreams come true. I love you Mama! Happy, happy birthday!