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I asked for this…

31 Jan

For the longest time, I’ve asked to get really, really sick.  I’ve had something hanging over me for the longest time.  It was just a general feeling of malaise that just cloaked me.  I just wanted to get really ill and get it over with.  I even walked in the rain and allowed myself to get slightly soaked and I didn’t take a warm bath right after just to get a bit ill–didn’t work by the way.  Once I got ill, I thought it would be over in a couple of days.

You know the adage “be careful what you wish for”?  Well, I wasn’t very careful.  I certainly got what I wanted.  I am well and truly ill!  Today is day 8 of me being ill.  I kind of feel much better but I’ve still got headaches and my nose still runs occasionally and I’ve still got a lingering fever.

I’m determined to go back to work tomorrow though.  I’ve been away for far too long and work is piling up.  I think if I just force myself to be active, the activity will take my mind off being ill.

Here’s to hoping anyway!



24 Jan

This flu-ey thing has been hovering over me for several weeks now and today it’s finally got the better of me!  I am well and truly ill!

My best friend today is the duvet!


A date with the nutritionist

13 Dec

Funnily enough, today, after speaking to the nutritionist, I was told to eat more…breakfast, that is.

Since I moved to the UK, I’ve started not having breakfast.  My breakfast usually is 3 cups of coffee and my diabetes meds.  Which isn’t really good because coffee isn’t the best way to break my fast.  I know this, but my perennial excuse is that I’m too busy to have breakfast.  There’s getting ready in the morning and doing my hair, putting on my face (I don’t really put make up on but I do have a 3-step pre-make-up regimen which I like to take time over), making sure I’ve got keys and everything else I need and then I rush out the door.

Mind you, I had great hopes for my appointment with the nutritionist.   But I was to be severely disappointed.  I expected to see this fit person with a healthy glow who would help me put together a meal plan so that I ate better so that I can cope with my diabetes better.  I was defnitely disappointed.  The nutritionist I saw was no poster child for healthy eating and healthy living.  There was no healthy glow and the person who met me at the door was definitely not fit.  I actually thought this person was a patient who was leaving!

I sat there feeling completely frustrated because I felt like I shouldn’t be talking to this person.  First this person tells me that they were in a small state of panic because someone was supposed to see them but that my nutritionist had forgotten to send out his appointment letter (talk about not encouraging faith in this person’s capabilities!).  Second, this person was about three times my size (I kid you NOT!), and I’m not exactly the most petite of persons!  Third, and I think this point was the worst, I spent the better part of 45 minutes trying to get something useful from this nutritionist and there was nothing useful coming from this person (at one point we were talking about how good their pecan pie dessert was!).  This person was not only obviously unprepared for my visit because there were  no references to what a diabetic needed to eat and not eat, there was no suggestion of a meal plan, and this nutritionist didn’t have the right literature to give me.

It wasn’t a complete waste of time though.  I came away from that meeting knowing that I was doing something right.  Talk about a glaring example of NOT practicing what one preaches.  This might be something the NHS might want to look at?  Or maybe I’m just being terribly catty!


Saturday is rest day!

15 Oct

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I am staying in bed today.  Not really feeling my best and I’ve got a flu-ey feeling going on.  Today it’s going to be a rest day.  And I know that if I rest I’ll be all the better for it!


11 Oct

I am irritated with my body!

I’ve just come from the doctors’ today.  I had an appointment with the diabetic nurse today and I was expecting to get a gold star for being a good girl.  I haven’t had rice in months in the effort to be healthier and to get my blood sugar count down.

But it wasn’t to be.  My hbA1c has gone up 1.4% and that’s not good because I’m told that if I don’t get my blood sugar under control, the next step is to get insulin shots.

I’m really, really irritated because I feel like all my hard work and discipline have gotten me nowhere!



Splints galore!

17 Sep

I haven’t been well.  My hands have been giving me problems.  I thought it was a simple case of RSI.  According to the doctor, it can be carpal tunnel syndrome, which is a lot more serious than I thought.  After the doctor said she thought it was carpal tunnel syndrome, she said I had to wear splints on both hands for two months.  Then after two months, I’d be assessed again and we would go from there (going from there might be surgery…and I do NOT want to go there!).

Carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on the median nerve — the nerve in the wrist that supplies feeling and movement to parts of the hand.  After I’d seen the doctor yesterday, I went online and checked.  I’d heard about carpal tunnel syndrome ages ago via an email that was sent round with gruesome photos of the operation that was done to fixwhat was wrong.  It put the fear of God in me, so ever since I’ve been careful with how I use the computer and how I type and how my work station is set up.

Clearly, I haven’t been careful enough.  Well, I’m all for wearing splints.  I’ll wear it as often as possible, if it means I don’t have to go through an operation.  I need my hands to work!

I am sick!

14 Sep

I slept through my alarm clock today.  I woke up with a fever, a runny nose and a very sore throat.  So what do I do?  Instead of staying in bed, I rush to get ready (I didn’t even wash my hair, ewww!  I just shoved all of it in a ponytail!) and get on the train.  But eventually, I did see the wisdom in just going home and resting.  So I didn’t get off the train.  The train went back to Harwich with me on it.

I knew I was in a bad way when the walk back to the flat felt like it was endless!

So now, I am back home, in bed, in comfy clothes with my Kindle and my meds.

Sick Bed Bear

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