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18 Apr

One of my church babies is in town!  Well, okay, not exactly in town as she’s staying with relatives in London.  I live an hour and a half by train outside London.  It’s near enough though.  We met up on Monday and tried to catch up.  I say tried because I haven’t seen her in almost four years!  You cannot catch up in just one afternoon!  Catching up with news from home about my church family has driven home the fact that I truly miss my friends.  I think I missed my friends even more because my church baby is my two friends’ younger cousin and she reminded me so much of them in the way she talked, the inflections and the rhythm of her speech.

I grew up with these 3 ladies.  Not from the age of infancy.  We met each other in our teens, when I moved churches (mainly because the church we moved to was closer to our house than the church I grew up in).  I’ve always believed that growing up together cements your friendship.  You share experiences with each other that you can’t usually share with anyone else.  But when you grow in faith together, your friendship becomes more than just a cemented friendship because your faith bonds you, fuses you together.  Because your friendship is founded on faith, you’re able to weather the toughest storms.  And we’ve been through very interesting times, to say the least.  We’ve had our fair share of misunderstandings, unspoken and otherwise.  But we are blessed because we have our faith experiences that bind us in love and that allows us to overcome anything.

You know that statement that is included in most wedding ceremonies, “What God has put together, let no man put asunder”?  I believe that it applies to every kind of relationship that God has put together, whether it be a marriage or a friendship.  A friendship that is based ultimately on faith is a friendship forever.  A friendship that is centered on Christ is a friendship that will stand the test of time.

Despite the distance (one is in Australia, one is in England, one is in the Philippines and one is a jetsetter who is all over the place!) I think we all try in our own ways to keep in touch.  I feel the affection when we email, chat or when we skype (God bless technology!).  And everytime I am reminded of how much we care about each other, I whisper a prayer of thanks.  I know I am blessed because I have 3 very dear friends.  That’s more than what most people have and I count those 3 ladies part of my treasure chest.

While I am assured, and reassured, that we will always be friends, and that our friendship will last even if we aren’t able to have anymore of our Starbucks coffee dates, I think I will wallow in the missing them.  Because I do.

I really, really, really miss you!

My girls, Christmas 2007


Quotable Erwin Randall

21 Sep

I realise that I haven’t been blogging a lot, in the truest sense of the word.  I’m trying to take things easy because my doctor suspects that I have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands.  I’ve been really good with the splints, keeping them on for as long as possible (I think I’m averaging 20 hours a day).

After I posted my splint picture on Facebook, I got get-well-soon wishes from my friends, the usual suspects, the people who I really considered friends.  People who I expected to really care got in touch.  There were people who didn’t get in touch but I knew that if they saw the photo they would care.

That’s the beauty of real, well-founded friendship.  Words aren’t needed.  You just KNOW.  And, most importantly, you know that they are there for you, no matter what.  They may not like what you do, but because the friendship is founded on love, they are there for you when you pick up the pieces.


“Real friends are those who,
when you’ve made a fool of yourself,
don’t feel that you’ve done a permanent job.”
~Erwin T. Randall

The Miracle of Friendship

2 Jun

It was the birthday of one of my best friends yesterday.  I sent a text message to my parents and left a message on Facebook for my sister to find a way for me to get in touch with her.  It took me ages to get in touch with her, and eventually I managed to get a hold of her via her sister’s mobile number 🙂  The comedy moment was that my mom had given me a landline number that was no longer in service! 😀

I only expected to chat to Maries but the bonus was my other friend Joanne was there as well (the only other person I didn’t get to speak to was Che, who was being the jetsetter working girl :)).  So it was two phone calls for the price of one!  It was great getting to chat with the both of them because I miss these ladies terribly!

On my birthday, Maries sent me a wonderful poem (which I posted on the blog) and I was inspired to try find another poem that speaks about friendship.  This is not quite in the same vein, as that poem was so very precious.  But it does put into words my thoughts about friendship and in particular, my friendship with these three wonderful girls.

There is a Miracle called Friendship
that dwells within the heart
and you don’t know how it happens
or when it even starts.

But the happiness it brings you
always gives a special lift
and you realize that
is God’s most precious gift.


Missing out…

13 Mar

The downside to following your heart and reaching for your dreams is missing out.  If I start counting the things I’ve missed, well, there are loads.  I’ve missed weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, family reunions, get-togethers, homecomings, you name it, I’ve most probably missed it.

One of my dearest friends has just celebrated her birthday, with her sister, who is also a dearest, giving her a wonderful birthday gift: her first niece.

I once read a tweet from someone who said that it was quite scary how people get used to your not being there.  And that hit me straight to the core.  If I’m completely honest, I worry about not being present in all the goings-on and being in the know at home.  I guess it’s an expressed or unspoken fear for everyone, being on the outside-looking-in in situations when you should be well and truly esconced in the “in” bit.  I worry about feeling like I’ve been usurped and displaced.  I mean, that’s what happens when you move away, right?  You leave a space and someone else fills it.  It’s a law of physics or something.

But then, I am reassured that what is important is the relationship that people have with each other.  Where time and space don’t exist.  It’s the foundations of the relationships that are important.  It’s that foundation, that creates the comfort when you see people again, after you haven’t seen them for ages.  And suddenly, it’s like you were never away.

It’s quite right to value those who’ve stayed with you through the years.  But it’s even more important to value those who will still be there with you when you come back.

Today, I want to be a superhero!

24 Aug

I don’t want to be faster than a speeding bullet, nor do I want to be more powerful than a locomotive, nor do I want to be able to leap tall buildings with a single bound.  I just wish I had the super power to fly.  Or will myself to be in Manila.

I am not going to be at my friend’s wedding today.  Of all the weddings to miss, this was one of those that were on my DO NOT DARE MISS list.  And I am definitely going to miss it!  As a matter of fact, it’s probably happening right now.

My mom has just sent me a text message.  She’s with my Aba and they’re at the church where the wedding is.  I’m happy our family is being represented at the wedding.  BUT I WANT TO BE THERE TOO! 😦

There are friends and then there are friends.  And if I sit here and list down why this friendship is important, this will be one very, very long blog entry.  Suffice it to say that our friendship is cemented because we grew up in the faith together.  Faith is an excellent foundation and when your friendship is founded on that, it, well, makes it the strongest bond ever.  And now, I’m going to stop talking about how much I value this friendship because there won’t be enough kleenex in my handbag (I also don’t intend to help solve the water shortage in England by boo-hoo-ing at work!).

To my dearest Joanne and Allo (who is now dear by association, even though we haven’t met yet):  Have a wonderful day today.  While I cannot be there, and I know I can, probably, never make up for not being there, I am hugging you in my thoughts!  May this day be the beginning of a life blessed with love, bound by faith and filled with every happiness 😀