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Those Toink Moments

25 Jan

You know that sound effect when cartoon characters do something silly (and they end up massively embarassing themselves, or in Wile E. Coyote’s case, causes him to fall off a cliff!)?  I always thought it sounded like a “toink”.  I’ve had my fair share of toink moments in the last 24 hours.

Last night:

The scene: At a restaurant, we had just arrived and we wanted to be seated so we could have dinner.  Suddenly a girl appears in front of me, looking at me expectantly.

Me: Table for two please?
Girl: (looks at me blankly)
Me: (a little louder this time) Table for two please?
Girl: (looking very horrified and waving her arms) Oh! I don’t work here!

Cue sound:  TOINK!!!


The scene: Me working busily at my desk.  My colleague’s  phone rings and because she’s at a meeting, I pick up her phone from mine.

Me: Hello, good morning!
Client: (asks to speak to my colleague)
Me: Oh she’s not at her desk at the moment.  She’s at a meeting.  Can I help at all?
Client: Ollie Miller.
Me: I’m sorry? (I honestly thought he wanted me to note it down—THEN it dawns on me!OH! YOU’LL EMAIL HER! (at this point I am wishing for the ground to swallow me whole! I must’ve left my brain in London or on the Tube somewhere near Canada Water?!?).

Cue sound: TOINK!!!


My Chronicle of Narnia

23 Jan

I have always loved reading.  But reading C.S. Lewis came quite late to me.  I think I finally managed to finish reading the Chronicles of Narnia the year they brought out The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe.

I have a funny Narnia story.  It all started with Russell Howard.  He had this anecdote about how he would open the doors of his wardrobe when he was younger hoping to find Narnia.  So where does my story come into this, you ask.  I’m getting to it 😉

Once, on a trip to a DIY/hardware store, I had this urge to just fling open the doors of one of the wardrobes on display and shout “Narnia!”.  Mind you, unlike Russell Howard, I really wasn’t expecting to see Narnia.  I just thought it was funny.  It was quiet day for the store so I thought I’d give in to the urge.  I was quite pleased with myself as I got a snicker from my dear roommate.  It wasn’t until I heard someone else chuckling that I realised we weren’t quite as alone as I thought.  I closed the wardrobe doors carefully and saw that an elderly couple had seen my Narnia moment.  I gave them a sheepish grin and we all walked away from that slightly embarassing moment (more embarassing from me really, but strangely, my impromptu moment of silliness wasn’t as cringe-worthy as I thought it would be!).

But the story doesn’t finish there.  After the DIY/hardware store, we headed to the grocery to do our regular grocery shop.  When we reached the cheese section, we ran into the elderly couple who had seen my Narnia moment.  We exchanged smiles, theirs more knowing than mine I’m sure, and the elderly gentleman said, “Back from Narnia then?”

It was then that I really had to laugh.  I bet you at some point I was a topic of conversation for them.  The day they saw a weird Asian girl looking for Narnia in the wardrobes!