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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

17 May

How lovely is it that the photo challenge topic this week is my favourite colour?  And how horrible is it that I don’t have a lot of photos with blue as the primary colour?!?  That is, until I opened my Elephants in London folder!

In the summer of 2010, a herd of colourful elephants appeared in London.  The elephant parade was done to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants.  People all over London were taking photos of the amazing elephants that took up residence in neighbourhoods and landmarks in the capital.

I thought I’d share the blue-coloured ones in honour of the theme for this week’s photo challenge!

Leicester Square, May 2010

One of two blue elephants in Leicester Square.

Leicester Square Too, May 2010

The second blue elephant in Leicester Square

Charles I Statue, London, May 2010

One of the blue elephants near Trafalgar Square.


Charles I Statue, London, May 2010

One of 2 elephants near Charles I Statue.


Somewhere in London

I can’t remember where this one was exactly!


Trafalgar Square Too, May 2010

This one was in the corner of the square, the corner nearest to Canada House.


In the wild…of Colchester Zoo!

6 May

This week’s photo challenge is about wildlife.  And the picture I’m posting here is just about my favourite picture from what I took at Colchester Zoo!

A majestic elephant in Colchester!


22 Apr

This was the first ever elephant I saw, when the elephants went on parade in London in 2010.  It was a parade of elephants that was aimed to help Elephant Family, a charity that is working to help save the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild.  Taken at the Greenwich Market

Elephant Parade 2011 - Greenwich Market

Elephant Parade 2011 - Greenwich Market