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The day ahead

19 Apr

Today is shaping up to be…challenging.

It’s barely 9:30 and I’m at my desk feeling like I’ve forgotten so many things — my sensibilities and my brains among them!

I felt horrible when I woke up this morning.  My hands hurt, despite being in splints most of the night last night.  I was rushing around today because my hands were slowing me down (really must book that operation to have them sorted out sooner rather than later huh?).  I thought I’d got myself properly sorted out — makeup done, hair done, the usual jewelry on, that sort of thing.  But no, I forgot to put on my pearl studs!  I’m the kind of person who needs to have earrings on or else I feel completely naked (I was worse before because I simply had to have earrings AND a watch on)!  I have a system of getting ready you see: shower and hair washed, brush my teeth, moisturise (diabetics have to because we tend to have very dry skin), hair done, face cleaned, toned and moisturised, make up done, get dressed, earrings on, necklace on, watch on (no rings at the moment as my fingers are swollen and look like chipolatas because of the carpal tunnel syndrome).  But today, I’ve just felt so out of sync.

It turns out, I’ve not just forgotten my earrings.  I’ve forgotten my train tickets and bus tickets!  Not really a good start to the day.  I’ve got that shivery feeling inside me that has always told me that something’s going to happen today.  Maybe it’s just paranoia (or the beginnings of a panic attack!).  But I kind of feel like I’m going to fall apart today.  My first instinct during times like these is to pray for strength, perseverance and the right frame of mind to tackle the day.

Here’s to hoping Thursday isn’t so terrible!