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Conversations that make you go “Hmmmm.”

24 Aug

A call got transferred to me this morning and after the conversation ended I had to laugh.  It’s one of those conversations that make you shake your head because, really, it’s not as funny as you think it is, but it does make you laugh.  Well, I did anyway.

TelephoneMe:  Good morning!  How can I help?
Man:  Hi there!  I’m <insert name here as I’ve forgotten> and I wanted to talk to you about your photocopiers and faxes.
Me:  Okay…?
Man:  Do you have a photocopier?
Me:  Yes…?
Man:  Ah so you’ve got a photocopier that you’re leasing right now! <it wasn’t a question at all, he assumed!>
Me:  No, we own our machines.
Man:  Oh.
Me:  <waiting for the man to start talking again.>
Man:  Are you looking to buy a new photocopier?
Me:  No, sorry, we’ve just bought them.
Man:  Oh <insert uncomfortable silence here>.  Well, thanks and have a nice day.