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7 Oct

After the lovely indian summer we’ve had, the weather’s suddenly turned (as weather has the prerogative to!) cold.  I’ve had to put on the insulating liner in my coat.  There’s nothing so comforting than a comforting bowl of piping hot stew!  I’m taking a page from Sara Rosso and posting a comfort food picture!

Oh and if you want the recipe to this fabulous (if I do say so myself!) stew, here it is!

Comforting Chickpea and Chorizo Porkstew


Me, my bed and I

28 Mar

Are you like me?  I’m the person who can’t seem to sleep in unfamiliar surroundings right away.  If I’m not in my own bed,under my own duvet, in between my own sheets and in my own flat.  If I’m in a different environment, sleep is the most worrisome part because it takes me a few days to feel that I KNOW my surroundings (which is a little worrying as am only here for a couple of nights and it takes me at least 3 nights to get acclimatised!).

I’m away for work for a few days.  My day started  at the usual time, but I had a nearly 5-hour journey to lovely Durham.  I was under no illusions about how busy it’s going to be.  I should be sleepy now, and I know that I’m tired.  But I can’t seem to adjust to not sleeping in my own bed, in familiar surroundings.  I should start getting used to it.  But it’s not like I’m in a hotel at the moment.  It’s student accommodations.  Granted, it’s an ensuite and I have the room all to myself.  It’s still going to be a hard adjustment tonight.  I don’t think I’m going to sleep well.

I should stop complaining really.  It’s hardly spartan living conditions.  Apart from the lack of TV, I reckon you’d think you’d be in a Premiere Inn 🙂  Same decor!  Oh well!  It’s only for a couple of nights.  I think I’ll cope!  Well, I hope I can!