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Miranda Hart, Queen of Funny

28 Jan

After her sweep at the Comedy Awards, I think Miranda Hart has made sure that she was a permanent fixture on the list of the funniest people in the 21st century (if you don’t share my opinion, well tough! write your own scathing review in your own space!).

When I first watched Miranda in 2009, I couldn’t stop laughing (I had a cough at the time, and every other bark of laughter induced a coughing fit but I couldn’t stop watching it, it was that good!). It was like Bridget Jones, only much funnier (am so sorry Helen Fielding, I love you and Bridget dearly, but Miranda, I’m afraid is so much more relatable as I don’t really smoke and I don’t really drink as much as Bridget seems to!).  I love how Miranda Hart seems to find humour in the most trivial of things and I love how much I could relate to it: the cooler best friend, the well-meaning but interfering mother (love you Mom! really!), the many social faux pas, the small idiosyncracies (having fruit friends is an idiosyncracy!) and the klutziness.  Now mind you, I’ve never been mistaken for a man, but there were so many things in her shows that I could relate to!  I know it’s shown on a pre-watershed time schedule, but I love the fact that there is no swearing on her show.  I don’t think comedy needs to be potty-mouthed to be funny.

Miranda Hart has gotten so much schtick for her humour…but then again, when one becomes what I call popular, that’s expected.  There are people in the world who can’t bear it when other people have success, they have to try to take them down a notch.  So who says that crab mentality is a terrible Filipino trait, eh (it was observed that when crabs are placed in a basket, they try to pull each other down so they can get out the basket.  Filipinos were known to be notorious for behaviour like this–I’m hoping that this is no longer the case.  we should all lift each other up…and we all wish we could live in utopia!)?  Seems to me, it’s quite international.

A few weeks ago, someone wrote a scathing review of Miranda’s show.  Miranda tweeted it and her loyal fans defended her in a frenzy that only loyal fans can.  I loved it when Miranda tweeted people to stop threatening the columnist.  Now, that is a sign of a good person.  It was quite a scathing review but when I read Miranda’s tweet, it made me go “Awwww!  She’s so nice!”

I think Miranda Hart’s amazing sweep at the Comedy Awards is testament to how funny she is.  Even with all the naysayers taken into account, she still won the people’s choice award!