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Rainy Thursday

15 Dec

As I look out the window and see the raindrops fall down, I am reminded of a Sesame Street song that I loved listening to.  I am thankful to that person who posted this on Youtube!


To the movies…

11 Dec

I am probably a cinema Scrooge.

I don’t think I’m a miserly old man bah-humbugging going to the cinema and I am miserly when it comes to shelling out the money for a movie ticket.  I love movies, whether in the cinema or on the couch at home.  I love the movie watching experience and I go the whole hog.  I make sure I have great seats, movie snacks and the appropo beverage (more often than not a diet soda.).  I love watching movies enough to go to the cinema alone.  When I needed time away from the world in the Philippines, I’d nip out and watch a movie alone.  I was there in a quiet part of the movie theatre, with my soda and my popcorn happily muching away while staring at the huge screen.

I love being able to watch a movie in peace.  I take great pains in making sure I’m sitting where there isn’t anyone to block the view and the area is quiet enough so I can watch AND listen to the conversation in the movie.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m sitting in the front or way in the back.  I just want to make sure I’m sitting where is quiet and my view is unrestricted and there aren’t a lot of people around me.  I get really irritable when there are conversations about the movie around because I try so hard to munch on my movie snacks quietly so I don’t interrupt anyone else’s movie-watching pleasure (although I really think it’s just that I’m becoming ornery in my old age—grumpy thirty-something alert!), the least some people could do is to try and not ruin anyone else’s movie-watching pleasure too.

At the cinema

The Secret Circle

10 Dec

I love witchy shows.  I loved Charmed, one of my favourite movies are The Craft and Practical Magic.  While my fascination with witchcraft might be a contradiction to my Christian roots, I think it began when I did a comparative paper on Philippine witchcraft culture vs. Western witchcraft for world history at uni.  There’s something about it that just piques my curiousity!

I’ve started watching this series called The Secret Circle.  I saw the pilot episode and thought it might not be worth watching, but as is my norm, I will watch the second episode just to be sure.  It most certainly did not disappoint.  The pace of the story picked up and the script stopped sounding too teeny-bopper and more respectable and, dare I say it, realistic.  Sometimes I wonder why a thirty-something is watching a movie so obviously geared for teens?  I don’t know…maybe because the show deals with something that I’m really interested in?  I try not to overanalyse my reasons.  It kind of strips the pleasure of watching tv shows!

It’s currently on a hiatus from the UK screens…I guess because it’s Christmas?  It’s scheduled to come back in January 2012.  I hope I don’t miss it.  I’ll probably have to keep looking at the Sky TV guide so that I can sky+ so I don’t miss the return episode!

The Secret Circle, Opening Credits Title


I slipped and fell yesterday.  I hurt my knee again.  I wasn’t wearing silly shoes this time though.  I was wearing sensible boots with traction.  But there I was, walking on a nondescript Ipswich pavement when suddenly, I found myself banging my knee as I fell down and scraping my hand on the road.  I’m fine now though, my ego bruised more than anything else.  I guess I must have not been able to shake off the klutz in me!

Oh well!


4 Dec

I was supposed to post the surprisingly good parody of the John Lewis advert that Channel 4 did for Gordon Ramsay’s Christmas special.  Mind you, I don’t like the guy very much as I think the man is a pompous so-and-so, BUT, that parody was quite good!

And because someone’s decided not to share their toys and throw a hissyfit, the youtube video’s been marked “private” and I can’t share it with you.


The holidays are coming…?

1 Dec

It’s the first day of December and I am now allowing myself to seriously think about Christmas.

Mind you, I’ve always measured the Christmas season by the adverts that I saw on telly.  I’ve just noticed that I haven’t actually seen the Coca-Cola advert yet!

Pass the kleenex!

26 Nov

I cry at the drop of a hat.  I think I inherited my mom’s tear ducts.  Let me just get that out there right away.

It comes at no surprise that the John Lewis advert is a tear-jerker to me.  Although it gives me great comfort to find out that I’m not the only one who finds this lovely Christmas advert heart-warming and inevitably tear-jerking!

Dance of joy!

1 Nov

Don’t judge me.

When I got this today, I had to stop myself from doing the dance of joy!


iPhone 4S