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Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

17 May

How lovely is it that the photo challenge topic this week is my favourite colour?  And how horrible is it that I don’t have a lot of photos with blue as the primary colour?!?  That is, until I opened my Elephants in London folder!

In the summer of 2010, a herd of colourful elephants appeared in London.  The elephant parade was done to raise awareness about the plight of Asian elephants.  People all over London were taking photos of the amazing elephants that took up residence in neighbourhoods and landmarks in the capital.

I thought I’d share the blue-coloured ones in honour of the theme for this week’s photo challenge!

Leicester Square, May 2010

One of two blue elephants in Leicester Square.

Leicester Square Too, May 2010

The second blue elephant in Leicester Square

Charles I Statue, London, May 2010

One of the blue elephants near Trafalgar Square.


Charles I Statue, London, May 2010

One of 2 elephants near Charles I Statue.


Somewhere in London

I can’t remember where this one was exactly!


Trafalgar Square Too, May 2010

This one was in the corner of the square, the corner nearest to Canada House.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Unfocused

5 May

What I love about London is the little discoveries you make around the corner.  My discoveries tend to be about food, mostly places to eat and what’s great to eat at these great places to eat.  Once on a London trip we came across this restaurant near Covent Garden.  It has a small, discreet, side street entrance with little plaques inviting you to come in.  The buzz around town is, seeing that it’s close to the West End theatres, a lot of celebrities dine in Joe Allen.  And I am not ashamed to say that when I went there I had my eyes peeled well.  I wanted to see someone famous!

Needless to say, I didn’t see any celebrities.  I wanted to take a cheeky photograph of the theatre show posters framed on the wall but only managed to get this blurry photo!  Ah well, I guess I’m not a born paparazzo then!

Joe Allen, London

Weekly Photo Challenge: Together

29 Apr

This was taken very early on a work day week.  I looked up and I saw these 2 seagulls on top of a lamp post.

Two Seagulls, Harwich


21 Apr

I think this is the first photo challenge that I knew I didn’t have to dig photos out for.  As luck would have it, I took sun-themed photos this week!

If I get off at Dovercourt, the shortest way to my block of flats is to cross over the train tracks via the overpass.  I saw a fantastic photo opportunity when I saw how the sun was peeking through the clouds.

Sunset over Dovercourt, April 2012


Another “sun shot” presented itself yesterday.  Yesterday was the most confusing day ever.  We had cold winds, gray skies, amazing sunshine, brilliantly blue skies, rain and hail!  All in one day!  The blue skies were too pretty not to photograph for posterity though!  The sun was shining so brightly that I just pointed my iPhone upward and took the photo!  I intended to photograph only the blue skies and the lovely feathery clouds but the sun saw it fit to insinuate itself into the picture!

Sunny in Colchester, April 2012

Two Subjects

13 Apr

This might be a stretch.  But I did take this photo because of two things.  I adored my Nokia 6300 because it took great photos, for what it was, a camera phone.

Can you guess why this photo was taken?

Colchester, April 2009



7 Apr

This was taken at Euston Station while I was waiting for a later train (I’d missed the one I was scheduled to get on due to train delays) to take me to Liverpool.  I thought this was a good photo for the topic because I was on a long, protracted journey.

London Euston train station


31 Mar

I had to use this photo for this week’s photo challenge.  This was taken outside Cyber Candy, a candy shop in Soho.  They have all sorts of lovely American sweet treats.  It’s the one place in the UK that I’ve been able to find Big Red chewing gum.  For those of those who don’t know, Big Red is a cinnamon-flavoured chewing gum.  It’s readily available in the Philippines but ever since I’ve moved over, I’ve been feeling the withdrawal symptoms because I can’t just pop into a convenience store over here and just buy a pack of them.  I just had to laugh because for those of us who watch the Simpsons, Duff is not an energy drink!

Cyber Candy Apr 2011