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A date with the nutritionist

13 Dec

Funnily enough, today, after speaking to the nutritionist, I was told to eat more…breakfast, that is.

Since I moved to the UK, I’ve started not having breakfast.  My breakfast usually is 3 cups of coffee and my diabetes meds.  Which isn’t really good because coffee isn’t the best way to break my fast.  I know this, but my perennial excuse is that I’m too busy to have breakfast.  There’s getting ready in the morning and doing my hair, putting on my face (I don’t really put make up on but I do have a 3-step pre-make-up regimen which I like to take time over), making sure I’ve got keys and everything else I need and then I rush out the door.

Mind you, I had great hopes for my appointment with the nutritionist.   But I was to be severely disappointed.  I expected to see this fit person with a healthy glow who would help me put together a meal plan so that I ate better so that I can cope with my diabetes better.  I was defnitely disappointed.  The nutritionist I saw was no poster child for healthy eating and healthy living.  There was no healthy glow and the person who met me at the door was definitely not fit.  I actually thought this person was a patient who was leaving!

I sat there feeling completely frustrated because I felt like I shouldn’t be talking to this person.  First this person tells me that they were in a small state of panic because someone was supposed to see them but that my nutritionist had forgotten to send out his appointment letter (talk about not encouraging faith in this person’s capabilities!).  Second, this person was about three times my size (I kid you NOT!), and I’m not exactly the most petite of persons!  Third, and I think this point was the worst, I spent the better part of 45 minutes trying to get something useful from this nutritionist and there was nothing useful coming from this person (at one point we were talking about how good their pecan pie dessert was!).  This person was not only obviously unprepared for my visit because there were  no references to what a diabetic needed to eat and not eat, there was no suggestion of a meal plan, and this nutritionist didn’t have the right literature to give me.

It wasn’t a complete waste of time though.  I came away from that meeting knowing that I was doing something right.  Talk about a glaring example of NOT practicing what one preaches.  This might be something the NHS might want to look at?  Or maybe I’m just being terribly catty!



First Bus Essex Disappointment

27 Aug

According to the message from the First Group Essex’ regional managing director, Nigel Barrett, “First is proud to be able to provide an unrivalled service to this corner of the country.”  Hmmm.  Nigel Barrett might want to check on the #61/61A bus service from North Station to Wivenhoe for this supposedly “unrivalled service”.  Did he mean unrivalled bad or non-existent service?

I commute to work because I don’t drive.  Yet.  I’m now seriously rethinking this whole commute thing.  It may be cheaper and more convenient for me to drive.  Because the train fares are scheduled to go up again, but mostly because the bus service that I use is very unreliable.  The only reliable thing about the 61/61A bus service from North Station to Wivenhoe is that it is either going to be late or it will not arrive at all.

One horrific experience was waiting for the 61A bus to take me to North Station for over an hour in winter time, in the cold, in the dark.  I was intending to get on either the 16:47 or the 17:07 so I was at the bus stop at 16:42 and waited for my bus.  But at 18:15, I had begun to realise that the bus was never going to get there.  So why did I wait, you ask, erm, because the schedule said that there was going to be a bus.  And I called Traveline, and the person I spoke to said a bus was coming, that it was on schedule.  They lied, on this particular day.  I called a cab company and got a taxi to North Station.

I wrote an email to First Bus by using the form on their website.  I’m still waiting for a reply.  That experience happened in November 2010.

The 61/61A bus is always late or never arrives.  I can say this with absolute certainty because I’ve stood there, at the bus stop on Whitehall Road waiting for the bus.

Two weeks ago, I decided to take the earlier bus because I wanted to get home earlier that evening (I’d gotten to work before 8AM that day!).  So walked to the bus station fully expecting to get on either the 1607 or the 1627 bus.  But the bus arrived after 16:35.  I was irritated but it was a sunny day and I was determined not to let it get to me.

On the 24th of August, I’d decided to go home early again because I’d gotten to work early.  I walked to the bus station with enough time to get on the 16:27 bus.  I’d seen a 61 bus pass by and I felt a certain amount of relief because that usually meant that the bus service was running and the 61A bus to North Station would arrive soon.  A lady was already there waiting at the stop.  16:27 had gone by.  So I thought I’d check the bus schedule posted on the bus station just to make sure that I had it right, that there was going to be a bus at16:27.   It clearly said there would be buses every 20 minutes.  The lady noticed that I was checking the bus times and she said she’d been at the bus station at 10 to four that afternoon and that the bus for 16:07 had not arrived.  Finally, the bus arrives (with another one right behind it!) and the lady who was waiting with me obviously thought it would be a good thing for the bus driver to know that the bus was late.

So she said to the bus driver that the bus was late and she had missed her connection.  What does the bus driver say to her?  “Not my problem!”  And to add insult to injury, while the lady was taking a seat, he shouts to her, “Are you trying to start a fight?”  When the lady doesn’t reply, the driver says, “I didn’t think so.”

I quickly sent a tweet to First Buses East to let them know what had happened.  I didn’t think a paying customer should’ve treated the way this lady was.  The least the bus driver could’ve done was say that the complaint was noted.

The reply tweet I got today, 27 August, was not what I was expecting.  I guess whoever was managing the First Bus Essex Twitter account shared the same sentiments as the driver.  That the passenger shouldn’t complain anymore since she was on the bus already!

Here’s the tweet exchange:

FirstBusEast Tweet

I used to work as a customer service representative.  So I know what customer service is.  This was NOT customer service.

Shame on you First Bus Essex!

Pet Peeve: Bike On Train

28 Jul

Right.  I’m all for green travelling.  I admire the people who bike to work.  They ride their bikes to the station and get on the train and bike to work from the train station.  It’s a great way to lessen one’s carbon footprint and it’s an even better way to keep fit (you probably just have to have a shower room at work if you sweat a lot!).

Most people who bring their bikes are considerate about other passengers.  They make sure their bikes are stored where they can’t inconvenience other commuters.  They make sure their bikes aren’t safety hazards and are stored securely so there isn’t a risk of them-the bikes-toppling over.  If they can’t make sure the bikes are secure, they stand by their bikes and hold them.

But not this person on the train home today.  He parked his bike in the middle of the aisle.  I’ve been trying to find the dimensions of the aisles on a British Rail Class 360 trains that National Express East Anglia use but couldn’t really find the information.  It just made me really irritated (it was really the last thing I needed at the end of a really long and really difficult day, really!).  He blocked in a man who was sitting across the aisle from me and didn’t even ask the man if it was okay to put the bike there.  He-the bike owner-kept saying that if he secured his bike by the doors (which have more space!) the bike would fall down and he didn’t want his bike to fall down.  Well, he probably thought he’d rather risk the bike falling on me, as I was seated across from where the handle bars were!  Funny that he’d rather risk a lawsuit, hey?

Some people.  Really.  Some people!

Mind you, the bike being where it was would’ve been hard to miss on CCTV.  Did the guard on the train do anything?  Of course not.  But he was certainly around to check tickets.

Forgetful Jones

8 Jul

Last Saturday, I was told my eyesight was worse and that I needed new glasses.  So off I went and bought new glasses.  I started wearing them last night and definitely noticed the difference (bottom line was, my astigmatism was worse!).  I was no longer seeing the world like it was a Monet painting.  Everything was so much sharper and in focus!  And what do I do today?!?

You got it.  I forgot my glasses.  While I’m dreadfully notorious at forgetting things (this is why I earned the nickname Miss Kalimot from my Tita Bing!), I haven’t forgotten my glasses.  Not in a very long time!  And now, I’m squinting at my monitor so that I can focus.  How stupid do I feel?  VERY.

In silence

13 Jun

I swear occasionally (you will hear mutterings of “bugger, bugger!!!” from my corner of the office, especially if I can’t seem to follow my own trains of thought!)!  It takes a lot out of me (as I feel terribly guilty when I swear—can’t help it, I was brought up to think swearing is not the done thing), but I bite my tongue most of the time (I say most because there are days when I simply cannot take it!).  But I hope that I’m mostly silent (not suffering…!), even when I am stressed.  Fingers crossed and tongue bitten!

I think Philippians 4:8 should be my mantra in these situations:

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things. (New International Version)


2 Apr

One of my pet peeves is dog mess on pavements.  I’ve always said Harwich is a lovely town except that it’s ruined by all the irresponsible dog owners who lived here.   Nothing can ruin a lovely town more than dog mess on surfaces.  I’ve always said, if you can’t pick up after your dog, if you can’t discipline your dog, then you shouldn’t own a dog!  I’m sure this is a terrible sweeping generalisation, but most of the offenders are younger dog owners who should know better but don’t…or don’t care about other people’s surroundings.

Today, as we were walking back from doing spot grocery shopping we walked past Dovercourt park, I noticed this old couple allowing a dog to do his business on an area that was filled with tributes to this girl who had died on the very spot 2 years ago.  I was…very shocked to put it lightly.  The tree and a few shrubs around the area where a girl had died because as a result of being hit by a speeding car was decorated with ribbons, pictures, cards, candles and various tributes.  It was IMPOSSIBLE to miss, unless one was blind as a bat.  I couldn’t help but stare at this couple who let their dog just do its business in an area.  I just felt that it shockingly unacceptable.  While they may not know the girl who had died there, I don’t think I can ever understand why they couldn’t have just pulled their dog away from the area and allowed him to make a mess somewhere else, provided, of course, that they pick up after their animal.  I expected that sort of loutish behaviour from the hooligans who let their dog make a mess anywhere their animal takes their fancy, but not well-dressed middle-aged couples who seemed (seemed being the operative word!) to have more sense.

I would’ve thought that older people would have more sense, more respect for their surroundings.  I guess, in this case, I was mistaken.

Patience is truly a virtue

24 Feb

I pride myself on being patient (hmmm, now that I’ve actually written this sentence down, maybe I shouldn’t be so PROUD of the fact that I’m patient because maybe I’m not, and it’s just vanity that’s leading me to believe that I am?).  I can probably take a lot of needling.  But in everything, there are limits.

I don’t want to lose my temper.  I think, in fact, I’m more upset at the thought of me losing my temper than the actual needling.  So I’m hanging on to my patience for dear life.  In my head this is what I’m saying, every time this person starts breathing down my neck:

I know what you want to get done.  But you going on and on about what you want on where isn’t going to help me figure it out any faster.  I know you have great ideas, but sometimes translating IDEAS isn’t as easy as 1-2-3!  Shut up and just let me get on with trying to find out how to make those ideas happen.  If you think you can, then you do it!  I’d really like to see you try!  I really would!

I just really want to be left alone so I can get on with it 😦

I don’t think I’m good with confrontation.  That’s why I try to avoid it.  That’s why I try so hard to find a democratic solution…to everything.  I think this is why this person keeps trying to push my limits, whether the pushing is consciously or unconsciously done.  It’s because they’ve never encountered resistance from me.  This stems from my “pleaser” nature.  I know I have a backbone because I wouldn’t have survived nearly 3 years of living away from home if I didn’t.  I just have to make sure I really stand up for myself.  This needly person said that they thought I was too nice.  Well, fine then.  I shall stop being too nice.

Let’s start with YOU, shall we?