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18 Apr

One of my church babies is in town!  Well, okay, not exactly in town as she’s staying with relatives in London.  I live an hour and a half by train outside London.  It’s near enough though.  We met up on Monday and tried to catch up.  I say tried because I haven’t seen her in almost four years!  You cannot catch up in just one afternoon!  Catching up with news from home about my church family has driven home the fact that I truly miss my friends.  I think I missed my friends even more because my church baby is my two friends’ younger cousin and she reminded me so much of them in the way she talked, the inflections and the rhythm of her speech.

I grew up with these 3 ladies.  Not from the age of infancy.  We met each other in our teens, when I moved churches (mainly because the church we moved to was closer to our house than the church I grew up in).  I’ve always believed that growing up together cements your friendship.  You share experiences with each other that you can’t usually share with anyone else.  But when you grow in faith together, your friendship becomes more than just a cemented friendship because your faith bonds you, fuses you together.  Because your friendship is founded on faith, you’re able to weather the toughest storms.  And we’ve been through very interesting times, to say the least.  We’ve had our fair share of misunderstandings, unspoken and otherwise.  But we are blessed because we have our faith experiences that bind us in love and that allows us to overcome anything.

You know that statement that is included in most wedding ceremonies, “What God has put together, let no man put asunder”?  I believe that it applies to every kind of relationship that God has put together, whether it be a marriage or a friendship.  A friendship that is based ultimately on faith is a friendship forever.  A friendship that is centered on Christ is a friendship that will stand the test of time.

Despite the distance (one is in Australia, one is in England, one is in the Philippines and one is a jetsetter who is all over the place!) I think we all try in our own ways to keep in touch.  I feel the affection when we email, chat or when we skype (God bless technology!).  And everytime I am reminded of how much we care about each other, I whisper a prayer of thanks.  I know I am blessed because I have 3 very dear friends.  That’s more than what most people have and I count those 3 ladies part of my treasure chest.

While I am assured, and reassured, that we will always be friends, and that our friendship will last even if we aren’t able to have anymore of our Starbucks coffee dates, I think I will wallow in the missing them.  Because I do.

I really, really, really miss you!

My girls, Christmas 2007


Happy Anniversary Ima and Aba!

12 Apr

It’s my parents’ anniversary today!  41 years!

Anniversary, 2012

Love’s Blessing
Life bestows love’s blessing,
On a very special few.
And I believe it happened,
When life encountered you.
You are a perfect couple,
In a marriage that is blessed;
May your love shine like a beacon,
A guide for all the rest.

Happy birthday Ma!

27 Jan

I seriously need to go home.

Not because there’s a family emergency…well, in a way this is an emergency.  I’m running out of photos of my mom to post on her birthday!  I’ve just posted a poem on Facebook in honour of my mom’s birthday and I had to look through my photos to find a picture that I hope will be something she approves of.

My mom sort of hates having her photo taken because she says that she doesn’t know how to smile for photos.  I don’t think she’s ever used the word weird, but she’s always said that she doesn’t look good in pictures.  I disagree.  My mom looks good in photos when she doesn’t try to look good!  Like every child, they think their mother is the most beautiful woman in the world and I am definitely not any different.  Her university graduation photo is one of my favourite photos.  I’m fairly sure my dad took one look at her and went “hubba-hubba!” (the fact that she trained in his lab makes me want to wiggle my eyebrows at my dad! hahahaha!).

I miss my mom.  I miss watching her watch the tv at an angle (she doesn’t look at the telly directly for some reason!  she’s always done so, for as long as I can remember).  I miss how she cries at everything (yes, she will cry at a Hallmark or a Kodak commercial!).  I miss her gentle smile and her gentle touch and how she fusses over us when we’re ill.  I miss her cooking, especially when she makes a huge production (when I was little, every Saturday morning, she would make coconut macaroons and Sunday evenings were creme caramel evenings!).  I miss watching her glasses slip down her nose when she’s reading something intently.  I miss the sound of her voice, even when she’s telling me off for not doing something she’s asked me to do (as mothers are wont to do).  Most of all, I miss her hugs.  I think I miss them the most now because I’m ill and want to be taken cared of, tucked in bed, and fed and given 7Up.

Today is my mom’s birthday and I’m not with her.  I miss her.  I know she misses me terribly.  I hope she knows that there is nothing that I want more in this world than to be able to hug her and wish her happy birthday in person!

Happy birthday Mama!

Happy birthday Mom!

New Year’s Eve

31 Dec

The New Year is always ushered in with good intentions and new resolutions. This year is no different. But it is always the best to start the year off with the best of intentions, not just for ourselves but for our friends and loved ones.

My prayer for you all, my dear friends, is that 2012 be the year that you are all abundantly blessed with love, happiness and health. May the Lord bless you with the strength and opportunities to be blessings to others. May all your dreams come true and may the good Lord bless you with the strength and the abilities to make your dreams come true!

New Year's Eve, 2012

Christmas Eve!

24 Dec

“People are partying, songs are being sung,
Sugarplums are dancing, all in holiday fun.
Presents are under the tree, reindeer fly high above,
peace on earth, goodwill to all, sending joy and love!”
~D.M. Dellinger

As we all get caught up in the busy-ness of the preparations for Christmas Day, I hope we all remember the reason for the season.

Quotable Donald Westlake

21 Dec

Wisdom for the last Wednesday before Christmas, which is, incidentally, late night shopping night!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed as I need to get ingredients for chocolate cherry cupcakes today.  It’s going to be slightly manic, methinks!


“As we struggle with shopping lists and invitations,
compounded by December’s bad weather, it is good
to be reminded that there are people in our lives who are worth
this aggravation, and people to whom we are worth the same.”
~Donald Westlake

Christmas bauble!

6 Dec

I’m tired tonight but someone insisted we put up the tiny tree we have for the flat.  I must admit that after looking at the tree it looked kind of stringy but still presentable (I’m thinking of getting a topiary next year…or a bigger artificial fir tree!).  I had to blink back tears because one of the baubles reminded me of the Christmas tree decorations at home in Manila.

Really, the holidays are for being at home.  This is the third Christmas I am away from home.  I’m due a long home visit!  I think everyone will agree to that!

Christmas Bauble, Dec 2011