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Moving house!

1 Jul

Dear Blog Friends,

I am moving house!  I’ve been contemplating it for quite a while now.  I’ve been working on a food-related project and I just thought it would be smarter to merge my writing project and my blog together.

For everyone who have been to visit and for those who have joined me on my writing journey, please keep in touch.  Please leave me a little message on the contact page so I can tell you where I’ve moved to.  I’d love for you to keep visiting!  I’m really pleased about the move because I feel like I’m moving in the direction I was really meant to move in the first place.  I feel like I’m no longer lost in England!

Thank you for coming to visit!


Thank you!

14 Jun

Just needs to be said:  to everyone who came to visit the bloggie while I was on hiatus, many, many thanks!  You’ll pardon me if I don’t shake your hand just yet as my right hand is still healing and my left hand is just plain awkward! 🙂

I might move…

24 Apr

I’ve been thinking of a way to make the blog look and feel better.  I have so many interests that sometimes I wonder if people don’t think my blog is so disjointed.  So I’m thinking of creating another blog, one that incorporates my foodie-wannabe entries, my photography (however amateurish it is!) and my day to day journalling (because, let’s face it, I can’t write in my journal AND write in my blog all the time and write faithfully in BOTH!).

And because I value your opinion, help me choose a blog URL?



16 Feb

Post A Week 2012




I’ve declared (whether officially or unofficially, although I think the little doodad — a current favourite word — on the right hand side of my blog makes it sort of official, doesn’t it?) that I have committed to writing one post a week for 2012.

I’ve done the post a day challenge last year and it wasn’t the easiest of things to do.  I think the words simply don’t flow when you try too hard to be creative.  I needed the structure and the discipline that posting every single day created so that I could write.  But I discovered that if I really wanted to I could write; that to me is an amazing reassurance.

I think the key to writing is to allow the ideas to flow and to brew in your head so that they are able to come out in a steady stream.  The only way to do that is to ease the pressure.  So that’s what I’m doing this year.  The goal is still to blog as often as possible, to write as much as I can so that my writing style does, eventually, evolve into something that is uniquely mine, and to write so that when people read what I’ve wrote, it sounds like me and not an amalgamation of my favourite authors’ writing styles.  But I’m removing the pressure factor and taking my foot off the pedal.  I’m allowing myself the structure of setting the quota of one post a week so that I have a little wriggle room and I don’t feel so pressured into churning things out.  I rather like the idea that my blog entries are finessed out of me rather than beaten out of me by the writing taskmaster!

So there it is.

I am writing a post a week for 2011.  And, funnily enough, I think I’m writing more than that.

To quote Martha Stewart, that is a good thing!

Writing slump

25 Jan

I haven’t really written anything worth talking about in a very long time.  I think it was because after Post A Day 2011 finished, I lost the drive to write everyday…I stopped thinking about things to write about.  Don’t get me wrong.  I still wake up every morning thinking about what I should write about.  I still feel that awful gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach when the day ends and I haven’t written anything on the blog.

I’ve got so many ideas about what I want to write about but everytime I start, I can’t seem to find the words, as if my thoughts won’t translate into anything sensible.  Then I grow frustrated and switch off the computer.

So I’m writing down my frustration.  I’m writing down that I’m unable to write anything sensible.  I’m writing down something for the sake of writing something down in the hope that this might kickstart a writing frenzy or at least entice the writing muses to come back and play with me.

I’ve still got my writing projects to start on!  Maybe I’m not blogging because my subconscious knows I should be working on my writing projects.  Hmmm.  Really, that’s just an excuse.

I should really be writing more.

New year, new dress!

14 Jan

Background FairyI thought it would be great to give the blog a new “dress”.  I feel quite proud of myself because I can confidently do this now. Many thanks to the artistic talents of the Background Fairy who shares her beautiful creations with everyone!

I’m using the Bueno theme and if you do look through the Background Fairy’s site, it’s best to use the 3-column backgrounds!

What do y’all think?

Thank You!

12 Jan

I just thought I’d say this, because I haven’t done it and it has been on my mind for quite a while.

To everyone who has dropped by the blog, posted a comment, liked my posts and subscribed to my blog, I am eternally grateful.  Your comments, likes and subscription has always inspired me to post attention-worthy things.  I may not be exactly where I want to be writing-wise yet, but your popping by has given me the validation that I need to push on and work harder!

There are no other words but THANK YOU!

Thank You