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And the winner is…

19 Feb

I’ve chosen the winner for the tote bag.  I wish I had enough tote bags to give away.  But unfortunately, I only have the one.  So since there were three to chose from, I wrote all your names down on a piece of paper.

I folded up the sheets of paper and shuffled them until I couldn’t tell which was which (to be honest, after I’d folded them up I wasn’t all too sure whose name was on which piece of paper!).  Then I picked one.

And the winner is…




18 Feb

You’ve got until today to let me know if you want to get the Moschino canvas tote bag.  I pick the winner tomorrow morning! 🙂

So far I’ve got Narendra, Paula and Jackie in wonderfully healthy competition for the bag!  🙂

Blog Giveaway Update!

15 Feb

Just 3 more days to tell me if you want the bag! 🙂

Just thought I’d remind y’all 🙂

Blog Giveaway Update!

9 Feb

Right, I’ve got a grand total of 3 people wanting the tote bag so far.  There’s still time to send in your expressions of interest 😉  The guidelines for your entries are here.


Are you sure YOU don’t want this?


It’s already wrapped and ready to be sent!  Will it be YOUR address on the envelope?

Blog giveaway update!

6 Feb

I’ve now got 2 people competing for the canvas bag! 🙂  Are YOU sure YOU don’t want this?  Yes, I mean YOU! 🙂

You can find the guidelines to this blog giveaway HERE.

Blog Giveaway!

30 Jan

Do you want this?  It’s a Moschino Cheap and Chic canvas tote bag.  It’s machine washable and ever so versatile.  You can use it to carry your books or carry your shopping.  Plus if you use this for your shopping, you’re helping the environment by using a reusable bag instead of a plastic shopping bag. I thought someone else might want to take this off my hands.  Do you?  Do you?

Right.  These are the rules:

Step 1:  Like this post.

Step 2:  Subscribe to this blog and add this blog to your blog roll.  If you have a Twitter account, follow @yellywelly.

Step 3:  Leave a message on the Contact Page.  Make sure you include your email address and if you’ve added this blog to your blog roll, leave your blog url so I can check your blog roll to make sure that you added Lost in England link on your website.

All entries must be submitted by 18 February 2011.  The winner will be drawn on 19 February 2011 and will be notified by email and will be announced on the blog.

Good luck! 🙂

Blog giveaway in the works!

20 Jan

I am planning to give away a canvas tote bag.  But like the procrastinating planner that I am, I have yet to sit down and plan logistics, the hows, the whens, and the who.

Watch this space for an announcement! 🙂