I asked for this…

31 Jan

For the longest time, I’ve asked to get really, really sick.  I’ve had something hanging over me for the longest time.  It was just a general feeling of malaise that just cloaked me.  I just wanted to get really ill and get it over with.  I even walked in the rain and allowed myself to get slightly soaked and I didn’t take a warm bath right after just to get a bit ill–didn’t work by the way.  Once I got ill, I thought it would be over in a couple of days.

You know the adage “be careful what you wish for”?  Well, I wasn’t very careful.  I certainly got what I wanted.  I am well and truly ill!  Today is day 8 of me being ill.  I kind of feel much better but I’ve still got headaches and my nose still runs occasionally and I’ve still got a lingering fever.

I’m determined to go back to work tomorrow though.  I’ve been away for far too long and work is piling up.  I think if I just force myself to be active, the activity will take my mind off being ill.

Here’s to hoping anyway!


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