Quotable Jim Paredes

30 Jan

Jim Paredes was a third of a trio of singers from the Philippines called The Apo Hiking Society.  I grew up listening to their songs.  They filled our afternoons during high school.  I think it’s a Filipino rite of passage to have a period in your life where you are completely enamoured with Apo Hiking Society songs.  I think it’s because they talked about school and things that Filipino kids could related to.  It was good music but good music with an excellent foundation in good values.

I follow Jim Paredes on Twitter because he makes sense.  If you want to follow him he goes by @jimparedes on Twitter.  He also does photography classes which I find really interesting.  I just kind of wish I was near enough to where the classes are so that I could go to one of his classes!  Once in a while though, his little nuggets of wisdom really hits the spot!  I thought I’d share it.

Today is another opportunity to reconnect the dots
and come up with new meanings of life.
Avoid habitual  unhappy connections.
~Jim Paredes


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