Working from home

10 Jan

I’m working from home today because I need to finish setting up a conference registration site.  It’s not difficult to do, but it is fiddly because of the detail that goes into putting in admission items and sessions and making sure all the details tie in properly.  It’s difficult while I’m in the office because the phone will occasionally ring and I’ll have to stop what I’m doing.  I hate it when that happens because it just means it interrupts my concentration.  I do my best work when I’m “in the zone.”  The most ideal situation would be me, a computer, lots of tea and coffee and a really quiet environment, with minimal interruptions.

It’s nearly 5PM and I’m taking my first break of the day.  I’ve done all that I can from home to make sure everything works the way it’s supposed to work.  I’m really pleased with myself because I’ve stayed away from Facebook and Twitter and all the temptations that one is exposed to when working from home.  To keep me in a work mode state of mind, I got up at the usual time I get up, prepared to go to work in the same way I did every morning and got dressed.  Mind you I was just wearing jeans and a nice blouse, but I felt that if I stayed in jammies, I wouldn’t be able to concentrate.  I got myself a couple of cups of coffee to wake me up and started looking through my work emails, the way I usually would if I was at work.  Then at 9AM today, I started to work on the conference registration set up.

I know I should’ve had the TV off, but, oddly enough, I found my thoughts wandering when it was absolutely quiet!  I had the next best thing on the background though:  the Downton Abbey Christmas special was on a permanent replay.  I have Matthew Crawley and Lady Mary to thank really.  For some inexplicable reason, their dulcet tones allowed me to hunker down and deal with the tedium that was setting the conference registration.

I think this should be something I should do when I have to set up conference registrations: work from home without interruptions—and the Downton Abbey box set!


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