To the movies…

11 Dec

I am probably a cinema Scrooge.

I don’t think I’m a miserly old man bah-humbugging going to the cinema and I am miserly when it comes to shelling out the money for a movie ticket.  I love movies, whether in the cinema or on the couch at home.  I love the movie watching experience and I go the whole hog.  I make sure I have great seats, movie snacks and the appropo beverage (more often than not a diet soda.).  I love watching movies enough to go to the cinema alone.  When I needed time away from the world in the Philippines, I’d nip out and watch a movie alone.  I was there in a quiet part of the movie theatre, with my soda and my popcorn happily muching away while staring at the huge screen.

I love being able to watch a movie in peace.  I take great pains in making sure I’m sitting where there isn’t anyone to block the view and the area is quiet enough so I can watch AND listen to the conversation in the movie.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m sitting in the front or way in the back.  I just want to make sure I’m sitting where is quiet and my view is unrestricted and there aren’t a lot of people around me.  I get really irritable when there are conversations about the movie around because I try so hard to munch on my movie snacks quietly so I don’t interrupt anyone else’s movie-watching pleasure (although I really think it’s just that I’m becoming ornery in my old age—grumpy thirty-something alert!), the least some people could do is to try and not ruin anyone else’s movie-watching pleasure too.

At the cinema


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