Quotable Diana Spencer

30 Nov

Whatever everyone else says about her, I am a firm believer than in her own way, Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales, touched lives and in her own way endeavoured to make a difference in the world.  I think she was a product of her environment and coped as well as she could with the emotional equipment she had to work with.

I think it’s apt to post a quote about kindness today.  I’ve been struggling with the firm belief I had about following the Golden Rule – that one should treat people the way one would like to be treated.  I was brought up to treat people with kindness and respect, and I continually hope (and expect) that people will respond in kind; and for the most part, I am being treated in the way that I treat others.  There are frustrations of course, because I keep trying to be kind and respectful of others, but I continually get teased or chided for being “too nice.”  I, however, find it tough to go against what I have grown up believing.  I came across this quote from one of the people who fascinate me.

I think it was divine intervention that I read this today, the day when I felt, strangely, burdened my upbringing more than ever.  It has encouraged me to press on.  Kindness is worth it.  I shouldn’t stop, because somehow, somewhere, what I do will touch someone and make a difference at just the right time.


“Carry out a random act of kindness,
with no expectation of reward,
safe in the knowledge that one day
 someone might do the same for you.”
~Diana Spencer (1961-1997), Princess of Wales


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