What plans?

22 Nov

I write down everything I need to do for the day at the start of the day.  It helps give me direction and it gives me a huge sense of achievement when, at the end of the day, everything is ticked of my to-do list.  But lately, I’ve not been able to do things.  I find myself coming home completely exhausted and drained, mentally and emotionally these days.  I know it’s not good.  I always seem to be complaining these days that there aren’t enough hours in the workday to do everything that I need to do.

I’m beginning to worry that I’m this close to being burnt out.

Today, I found out that I’m going to have to travel to Liverpool on Thursday after all.  This completely screws up my week’s schedule.  The meeting that was originally scheduled for Thursday was cancelled last week.  The cancellation worked brilliantly with the things that I had to do this week.  I learned today that the Liverpool meeting is back on again.  Brilliant.  Absolutely brilliant.  And it’s not as if I can just say, “Sorry folks.  I can’t do Thursday!” because it’s a meeting with clients.  I am definitely going to have to go.

My to-do list this week is not going to get done.  That’s the realistic and pragmatic me talking.  And the control freak in me is now running around screaming in panic.


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