Bed things

19 Nov

It’s getting colder now and it’s very definitely thicker duvet weather.

I woke up on Thursday with a very, very stiff neck.  I sleep in a very bizarre fetal position and I must’ve switched onto an even more unnatural position at some point in the night and my neck has suffered for it.  It was horrible on Thursday.  I tried to get up in the morning and I felt a sharp pain and I had to flop back into bed.  I had to rotate from the waste to turn from side to side.  I had to take co-codamol tablets on Thursday evening just to get me through the night and my baking session.

I had pain killers in my purse on Friday just to get me through the day.  But I was determined to stop taking pain meds.  So I thought I’d go and get a special pillow.  And get a special pillow I did today.

Hopefully this does the trick, eh?

Memory Foam Pillow


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