18 Nov

One of my favourite restaurants in London serve all-day breakfasts.  As a Filipino, breakfast is a very important meal.  We were raised to value breakfast.  I remember being continually scolded by my mother when I try to skip breakfast.  When I discovered the Breakfast Club, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.  While they don’t have the traditional Filipino beef tapa or longganisa with garlic fried rice,  I am a fan of the full English breakfast and they have the best spread I’ve seen so far!  But they’re not limited to just English breakfasts.  They have Huevos Rancheros and a really good Chorizo Hashbrown plate.  They have the most amazing Eggs Benedict and their Green Eggs and Ham is dee-lish.  You also have a choice of the divine French toasts and amazing stacked pancakes.  But you do have the healthy option too, because they serve oats and fruity options as well.

If you’re ever in London, you must find a way to have a meal at the Breakfast Club at one of their locations.  The service is friendly and the food is amazing!  Worth every penny!  And mind you, you don’t have to shell out a lot of pennies to enjoy the HUGE breakfasts 🙂


Chorizo Hashbrowns by Breakfast Club


11 Responses to “Breakfast”

  1. Rois 18 November 2011 at 21:04 #

    I always wondered how someone can eat that for breakfast… 🙂

  2. zingaling23 19 November 2011 at 01:44 #

    My mouth literally dropped when I looked at this. As a complete foodie, this one totally touched my heart (haha) but seriously. Nice work capturing this delicious breakfast. Love it.

  3. frizztext 19 November 2011 at 06:22 #

    I like all-day breakfast!
    greetings by

  4. kitchentangents 19 November 2011 at 20:25 #

    Breakfast is my favorite meal, although I don’t have time to do it up right during the week. We often have breakfast for dinner. Yum!

  5. Just Ramblin' Pier 20 November 2011 at 02:03 #

    I could eat breakfast food any time of the day. This looks delicious and sounds like a great place to eat! : )

  6. Brandon 20 November 2011 at 02:56 #

    This looks classically hearty

  7. Mizz 20 November 2011 at 11:30 #

    Super breakfast!

  8. Yelly 20 November 2011 at 11:58 #

    Thanks for the lovely comments everyone! If you are in London, find time to have breakfast or brunch at the Breakfast Club. You won’t regret it! Their orange juice is freshly squeezed and their coffee is amazing! Am such a fan, as you can tell 🙂

  9. Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book 20 November 2011 at 12:47 #

    A real breakfast!

  10. jbheronneau 21 November 2011 at 19:14 #

    Yummy… So prefect english breakfast!
    I miss it sometimes 😉

  11. pix & kardz 23 November 2011 at 03:06 #

    sounds like an amazing restaurant.
    thank you for sharing!

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