Autumn in Harwich

30 Oct

It’s gotten cold quite so suddenly.  The heating has been switched on in the flat and it does get cold in the evenings now (althou.  I don’t particularly love the cold but I don’t mind it as much, as long as it’s dry.  I don’t mind it if it’s cloudy and cold…as long as it’s DRY.  But what I look forward to the most is the colours this time of the year on the trees.  This photo was taken with my phone and taken really quickly to avoid an oncoming car (I love to live dangerously for my art sometimes!) so pardon the blurry quality of the photo.  What amazes me the most is how much to colour still jumps out.

Autumn has well and truly settled.

Autumn, Harwich, October 2011



One Response to “Autumn in Harwich”

  1. liz 6 November 2011 at 02:28 #

    i love the photo. wish i could experience autumn for real too. And you know I agree with ya, I don’t mind the cold for as long as it is dry…so yeah I’m not a big fan of rain.

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