Quiet days

29 Oct

I am thankful for the weekends.  I think God created weekends because He knew how frenetic life was going to be when things turned “modern”.  I wonder if He sits up in heaven shaking His holy head at his children running around like crazy and tut-tutting that we should all slow down.

Today was lovely and quiet and sunny.  Did I go out in the sun?  Not really.  I went out this morning to post a letter to my Duckie and a little gift to one of my church babies who has moved to Canada.  I went to pick up my prescription and went home.  Everything else was easy and quiet and relaxed.

I painted my nails today.  It was one of those fashionable gray shades and surprisingly, I LOVED IT.  It was a little frustrating because my hand started hurting.  The reminder that my hands aren’t well yet marred some of my perfect Saturday but I pushed that out of my mind.  Which reminds me, I need to wash my splints!

I managed to catch up on some reading.  I’m desperate to finish my Rosamund Lipton book and I can’t seem to read fast enough!  One thing I am pleased about is that I managed to read more of the Bible today, which was a goal.

I feel so blessed today.  I am thankful for the quiet days.

A book and tea from spinningintheteacups.com


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