Book du jour: Rosamund Lupton’s Afterwards

20 Oct

I’ve read Rosamund Lupton’s book Sister and I loved it.  It was a book that I loved reading…the story was a little macabre in the sense that it was set after the death of the main character’s sister.  But it described a wonderfully loving relationship of two very different individuals bound together by biology: sisters.  So when I saw a new book with the name Rosamund Lupton, I bought it, even after I’d vowed to not buy another traditional book (I’d been bitten by the Kindle bug, as you may well know!).

I love the way Rosamund Lupton writes.  It’s written in a style that makes you think she’s right there, speaking to you, telling you her story.  I’ve only read a few pages of it (I went to Warwick today to do a site visit and took the copy I’d bought with me as my Kindle was running low on batteries).  I’m already looking forward to going to bed so that I can start reading it again!


RosamundLupton, Afterwards



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