My oddities

16 Oct

After a conversation on Twitter I had with my friends from my home church in Manila, I had to think about whether or not I was indeed slightly obsessive compulsive.  I don’t think I’m particularly the neatest person in the world (if you saw my flat, you probably wouldn’t think so!), but if I can have order, I probably will (which is probably why I’d love to have a big house, with lots and lots and lots of storage space!)!

I’m no Martha Stewart but I’ve found slightly worrying habits:

1.  I make sure that all the kitchen knives are lined properly on the wall mounted magnetic doodad, with all the blades facing the same way, classified according to handle colour (I have black handles and silver handles).

2.  After I dry the flatware and plates (and bowls!), I make sure that they are stacked neatly, with the last used ones stacked at the bottom.  This is to make sure that the utensils rotate and not the same plate, knife, or fork, or spoon is used all the time.  Come to think of it, I rotate my clothes the same way!  Hmmmm….

3.  I make sure the contents of the fridge are stacked up neatly.  If someone else puts things in the fridge, I make sure I rearrange them again.

4.  I have to have hand sanitiser everywhere, oh and I have to have hand cream as well.  I feel uneasy if I don’t have both.

5.  I make lists.  Lots of lists.

6.  I like to coordinate things.  Like if my coat has a brownish buckle, my bag has to be sort of brown…so they match.  Although, mind you, I don’t follow this particular rule much.

7.  I’m constantly reorganising my office desk.

I’m sure I’ve got other bitty quirks which is sort of worrying.  I don’t think I have OCD…not really.  I just have these eccentricities…


3 Responses to “My oddities”

  1. gmae 19 October 2011 at 22:49 #

    Hahahahaha! Okay, this really made me laugh! Now it’s my turn to make my list 😀

  2. gmae 19 October 2011 at 23:18 #

    I did my list! Here you go:


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    […] one of my spiritual sisters made her list  based on a conversation we had in twitter, I’m doing […]

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