My favourite procrastination

22 Sep

When Scott Berkun asked what my favourite way to procrastinate was (well he didn’t really ask me, it was a topic posed on the Daily post), I knew exactly what my answer was: TWITTER.

For those not in the know, Twitter is a micro-blogging site (that is ever so popular the world over!) that allows you to post your updates, with a challenge: each update has to be 140 characters, or less.  I’ve been tweeting for years.  I started tweeting in late 2006 or early 2007 (I felt really proud of the fact that I was blazing the Twitter trail before most people started tweeting!).  I had different Twitter name but something happened early this year that made it necessary for me to change my twitter name (it still irritates me when I remember what happened, but c’est la vie!  sometimes things happen for a really good reason…and I like this twitter name better!).

I love that Twitter will give you a good reason to smile.  There is an abundance of ridiculously funny and interesting people on Twitter that you’re given a chance to know…not personally per se, but know in the sense of being exposed to their short thought blurbs.  Twitter allows us non-celebrities to touch base with the celebrities of our times.  I think on the flipside, it allows celebrities to reach out to the general public, making them a little bit more accessible and more human.

I find myself looking at Twitter from time to time during the day when things are stressful at work or if there’s something particularly difficult that I have to deal with and I need to take a step back and sort of get a running start.  I visit Twitter so that I can not deal with something for a few seconds.   Actually putting off dealing with something sometimes helps me look at the job at hand with fresher eyes and a different point of view!

That being said, one of the celebrities I enjoy following is Bianca Gonzalez.  I think she makes sense and she is what I appreciate the most about sensible celebrities, wholesome.  Her credibility did have a bit of a wobble once a upon a time (yes, am talking about that Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity “thing”) but she managed to weather that particular storm with a certain class that not a lot of people could (her honesty during the very few interviews made her more human and endeared her to the people who appreciated her, and the fact that she didn’t do a lot of interviews about the issue made her seem more mature about what she went through; it happened, she made a mistake, she admitted to making the mistake and then she worked so that she got over it.  Bravo Bianca!  Bravo!).

I enjoy reading the entries on her blog Bianca: The Diary Of A Supergirl Wannabe.  There’s a certain real-ness to her writing, without it having a look-at-me-my-life-is-fabulous pretentiousness.  One of my favourite entries is her tumbling shot collection entry where she shares snapshot of her doing cartwheels in different locations.  I added her blog to my blog list so that people can read her blog too (I think it’s well-written and it’s like you have Bianca right there, talking about her experiences).  I sent her a tweet to tell her how much I liked her blog and that I added her blog onto my blog roll (sidebar: saying “blog roll” always makes me laugh because I feel like I’m saying bog roll!  yes, I’m silly like that!).  And guess what?  She tweeted back to say thanks!

Bianca Gonzalez' Tweet

I, obviously, had a fan girl moment.  Things like this make me smile.  It’s a mini-fan girl moment because a celeb replies to a tweet.  But a reply from one of my church babies made me smile even more!



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