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15 Sep

So Topic #244‘s suggestion is to go blog hopping.  The challenge is to visit a blog, post a comment, and post the comment that you posted on that blog on your blog.  So I went and looked at the blogs that abounded in the blogosphere.  I, inevitably found a blog that was food related (surprise! surprise!).

It was this picture that drew me in:

Nancy's Chocolate Chip Cookie Fudge

Those chocolate chip cookie fudge squares looked scrummy-licious!  So I happily went onto this lovely blog:

A Recipe A Day Banner

It’s everything I want the foodie bit of my blog to be!  The blog contains a great balance of sweet and savoury recipes twinned with great photos that make you want to try your hand at making them.   Nancy’s got a brilliant pineapple upside down cake recipe that I’m itching to try.  She’s got this brilliant-looking hamburger recipe too!

I knew this blog was a keeper so I immediately added it on to my foodie blog roll.  If you do have the time, go on and visit Nancy’s blog A Recipe A Day.  Especially if you’re like me, a person who loves the kitchen and thinks that creating lovely, nourishing things is a great hobby.

Oh!  I nearly forgot about the comment that I posted on Nancy’s blog.  Well, it’s not entirely posted yet, it’s still awaiting moderation.

My comment on Nancy's blog awaiting moderation


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