I am sick!

14 Sep

I slept through my alarm clock today.  I woke up with a fever, a runny nose and a very sore throat.  So what do I do?  Instead of staying in bed, I rush to get ready (I didn’t even wash my hair, ewww!  I just shoved all of it in a ponytail!) and get on the train.  But eventually, I did see the wisdom in just going home and resting.  So I didn’t get off the train.  The train went back to Harwich with me on it.

I knew I was in a bad way when the walk back to the flat felt like it was endless!

So now, I am back home, in bed, in comfy clothes with my Kindle and my meds.

Sick Bed Bear

Photo credits:

Sickbed bear – http://www.123rf.com


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