Alas Robin Hood…

5 Sep

Nottingham Robin HoodI am in Nottingham!  I am in Robin Hood land!  I’d love to say I’m breathing the same air that Robin Hood is breathing, but that would be wrong.  He would’ve probably died if he breathed the fumes the modern man breathed.

I’ve been a fan of Robin Hood ever since I can remember.  There was something about this rob-from-the-rich-give-to-the-poor outlaw that simply fascinated me.  My obsession was made worse because of the series that starred Michael Praed, Robin of Sherwood.  It was shown on Wednesdays on GMA Channel 7 in the Philippines.  I never missed an episode!  I loved the folklore that made the story even more mystical.  The introduction of Herne the Hunter into the story I think only whetted my preteen appetite to learn more about Robin Hood (little did I know that Herne the Hunter was really a ghost and not a god and that he lived mostly in Windsor Forest and not in Sherwood!).  I voraciously read every single book I could that had a mere mention of Robin Hood.  I’d vowed to myself that one day, I would visit the place where Robin Hood wreaked havoc on the Sheriff of Nottingham’s psyche and became a hero to the poor and the downtrodden.

I now think I should’ve been more specific about my vow to go to Nottingham.  I should have said that one day I’d go to Nottingham and see the sights, visit the historical touristy spots and reconnect with my Robin Hood obsession, if only from a historian’s point of view.  I say this because I’m right now, at this very minute, in Nottingham.  I’m this close to Sherwood Forest and only a skip and a hop away from all things Robin Hood.  But am I able to indulge?

Nope.  I’m here for work.  So the only thing I’ve seen of Nottingham is the train station, the inside of a couple of taxis (three tomorrow when I go home), the inside of my b&b room, the inside of a pub, and the University of Nottingham.  I know I’m lucky to have a job that takes me places, even though I’m not able to do the touristy stuff.  It would’ve been nice to be able to just nip out and see some of the sights.  I know, of course, that this was a pipe dream, because work is work and work never shares its time with sightseeing.

But one day, I will visit all things touristy and all things Robin Hood.  One day I’ll be able to walk around and take a multitude of snapshots like the tourist that I can be.  One day!

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