Pippa has arrived!

31 Aug

I’m talking about the bag and not the now famous sister of the Duchess of Cambridge.  I came across the bag after I was poring over a People magazine article about Pippa Middleton’s fashion style.  I saw the bag in a picture of Pippa and her family coming out of the hotel they had booked for THE wedding and I fell in love.  With Pippa.  The bag.  Not the person.

I didn’t know what the bag brand name was until I saw a blog entry in the Bag Hag’s blog.  She said that it was from a British brand called Modalu (thank you Ingrid!!!).  So I quickly googled the brand and fell in love with everything on the website.  And, if I earned more than I really do, I’d have loved to get everything, with matching purses!  But alas, I am only a regular working girl who can, once in a very long while, afford to treat herself.

The bag was unavailable.  Quelle horreur!!!  I think everyone had the same idea as I did.  Although I think they wanted a piece of P-Middy more than they wanted a piece of Modalu.  I’d like to think though, that they saw the brilliant functionality of the bag, so they wanted to have it as well!  I signed up for alerts to be told when the Pippa would be available.

When the e-alert arrived telling me that the bag was again available, I told myself that if I put it off for a couple of days, it would still be there.  Boy was I wrong!  When I logged on, ready with my credit card to buy the bag, the website said the Pippa, in all 5 colours, were out of stock.  AGAIN.

I signed up for alerts again.  This time determined to get the bag.  I’d decided to get the black medium grab Pippa, mostly because black is always such a classic and I felt that it would go with everything I had.  I’d been tempted to get the shark (gray) coloured one and the tan one.  But I already had a brown purse which I adored and I already had a taupe coloured bag as well.  When the e-alert finally arrived telling me that the bag was again available, I pulled out the trusty credit card and placed an order for a medium grab Pippa.

And so began the wait.  There was a bit of  snag though.  But the customer service team at Modalu are amazing!  It took 5 minutes to sort out the dupe charge on my card and the delivery address reroute.  Thank you Chloe!

Apart from the bag being really pretty, I bought the bag because of its many pockets.  It’s my attempt at being organised.  It will have enough compartments to help me in my attempt to stop fishing around my bag for my keyring!

And without further ado, I present, the Pippa Strip tease…again, the BAG and not P-Middy!  Strip tease inspired by the one and only Bag Hag.

Modalu's Pippa Black Medium GrabIt comes in this lovely cloth storage bag.

Modalu's Pippa Black Medium GrabIt’s meant to be a bag that you carry on your arm or “grab” by the 14cm straps

Modalu's Pippa Black Medium GrabIt also comes with a shoulder strap which will make it comfy to carry when you’re on a walkabout!

Modalu's Pippa Black Medium GrabThey always say, posing at a 45° angle was good!

Modalu's Pippa Black Medium GrabThere she is, in all her functional beauty.  I can’t wait to start moving my things into the compartment.  Having a new bag will definitely help going to work feel a bit easier!


One Response to “Pippa has arrived!”

  1. rutheh 14 January 2012 at 23:07 #

    What fun. Love the bag and the story to go with the getting it!
    Enjoy using it. It will go with everything.

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