Oh no Pieseas!

15 Aug

Pieseas Chippy, Harwich, EssexOne quintessentially British thing is to have fish and chips.  It’s cod, or haddock, or skate, or rock eel fillets battered and fried served with a small or large side of chips (aka thick cut french fries, as I used to call it in my head).  Everyone has their favourite chippy and mine is, luckily, in Harwich.  It’s called Pieseas (maybe a play on Pisces which was how, I thought it was spelled!).  My favourite thing to order is a rock eel, small chips and a pot of mushy peas.

I’ve heard terrible news today though.  Apparently, there was a fire at Pieseas last night and the chippy will be closed until further notice.  I haven’t had fish and chips in a long time, and this was before I started my no-rice, low carb lifestyle (small changes, etc., etc.).  I hope all the ladies at the chip shop are all right and that Pieseas reopens soon!


Photo credits:

Pieseas Chippy – localdatasearch.com


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