On the road

11 Aug

I’m away from my lovely (and blessedly familiar) flat tonight.  After a long journey (6 hours travel time in total from Colchester), I am finally in Newcastle where I have a series of site visits tomorrow.

So far, what I’ve seen of Newcastle is: the inside of the train station, the entrance of the train station, the hotel that I’m staying in, my hotel room (of course!) and the nearest Sainsbury Local (in the train station, which incidentally is located conveniently just across from the hotel).  Oh I did see a Gregg’s, a Starbucks (which was closed and somehow, I was quite disappointed–I’d subconsciously wanted a venti chai tea latte I think!) and a Subway (I was considering this for supper, but to be honest, I didn’t fancy eating anything much).

I looked out the window and took a photograph of what I could see outside.  There wasn’t a lot too see as it was after 10 at night and the windows were shut.  I noticed that there were wires connected to the window.  Thank goodness I’d noticed this because if I’d tried to open the window, I might’ve set off the alarms and that would’ve been embarassing to say the least!

So I should probably start prepping for tomorrow, in terms of reading up on what I have to do, questions I have to ask, etc.  And besides, there’s nothing really exciting on telly to distract me!

Newcastle-Gateshead at Night, August 2011

I should also probably say that the lights are mostly from Gateshead, which is the area across the river!


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