Horror in London

8 Aug

I was stupidly thinking about what I was going to write about today.  I was also oblivious to what was happening in the capital.  After watching University Challenge (yes, I’m a geek and quite possibly a nerd!) we turned the telly to the news.  There was destruction everywhere in London, in several locations, and quite possibly, simultaneously.  A large group of thugs thought it would be a good idea to trash business establishments and private homes.  Store front windows are smashed into nonexistence and the businesses are looted for what they’re worth.

It was horrific because in my head I was thinking, this hasn’t happened to the Philippines.  In my head I was thinking that the British were, in my mind, such a genteel society, that surely this was not happening.  It was very surreal and I couldn’t really believe what was unfolding right in front of me (on the telly, of course).

And in 30 minutes, this family-owned business that was started in the 1860s was burned down.

Croydon Fire, London Riots August 2011

I have no words to describe the shock and horror that I feel.  I am relieved not to be there, but at the same time, I feel for the people who do.

Please pray for peace in London


Photo credits:

Croydon Riots – bbc.co.uk


2 Responses to “Horror in London”

  1. ceceliafutch 9 August 2011 at 12:40 #

    I am horrified as I watch the videos streaming out of London. My heart goes out to the innocent victims of such attrocities. Supposedly this started with a police incident where one person was killed. My question, why take it out on the common citizen? If the hoodlums are truly angry with the police, it seems their wrath would be directed toward that target rather than the citizens who had nothing to do with the shooting. No. I do not believe that this is in response to perceived police brutality, rather the police incident is an excuse for unbridled anarchy. My prayers are with the citizens of London and all of England who are being terrorized by ignorant terrorists.

    • Yelly 9 August 2011 at 12:56 #

      I don’t think it’s got anything to do with Mark Duggan’s death now. I think it’s just pure thievery and thuggery now. I remember thinking while I was seeing all this unfold that these people have no pride. If you had any sort of pride, you wouldn’t want to debase yourself this way, you wouldn’t want to ruin your town this way, you wouldn’t want to be connected to something this awful. It’s just completely sad.

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