Pet Peeve: Bike On Train

28 Jul

Right.  I’m all for green travelling.  I admire the people who bike to work.  They ride their bikes to the station and get on the train and bike to work from the train station.  It’s a great way to lessen one’s carbon footprint and it’s an even better way to keep fit (you probably just have to have a shower room at work if you sweat a lot!).

Most people who bring their bikes are considerate about other passengers.  They make sure their bikes are stored where they can’t inconvenience other commuters.  They make sure their bikes aren’t safety hazards and are stored securely so there isn’t a risk of them-the bikes-toppling over.  If they can’t make sure the bikes are secure, they stand by their bikes and hold them.

But not this person on the train home today.  He parked his bike in the middle of the aisle.  I’ve been trying to find the dimensions of the aisles on a British Rail Class 360 trains that National Express East Anglia use but couldn’t really find the information.  It just made me really irritated (it was really the last thing I needed at the end of a really long and really difficult day, really!).  He blocked in a man who was sitting across the aisle from me and didn’t even ask the man if it was okay to put the bike there.  He-the bike owner-kept saying that if he secured his bike by the doors (which have more space!) the bike would fall down and he didn’t want his bike to fall down.  Well, he probably thought he’d rather risk the bike falling on me, as I was seated across from where the handle bars were!  Funny that he’d rather risk a lawsuit, hey?

Some people.  Really.  Some people!

Mind you, the bike being where it was would’ve been hard to miss on CCTV.  Did the guard on the train do anything?  Of course not.  But he was certainly around to check tickets.


2 Responses to “Pet Peeve: Bike On Train”

  1. Chris 4 August 2011 at 21:53 #

    Thats too bad. I take a bike on the train with me a few days a week but I’ve started using a folding bike so I can avoid this kind of thing. I keep it folded up and out of the way and it makes the whole experience a lot easier for (and the other riders on the train).

    • Yelly 5 August 2011 at 08:17 #

      God bless you and other considerate bikers! 🙂

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