My Mini Methodist Pilgrimage

20 Jul

I am proud of my Methodist heritage.  So every chance I get to trace the roots of my faith is a welcome exercise.  I was in London this week and was quite close to the Methodist Museum.  I had to visit Wesley’s Chapel.  I was hoping to catch the Methodist Museum but since it was after 5PM, it would’ve been too late to wander around the Methodist Museum, really.  I promised myself that I would have a proper wander around the next time I’m in London. It is after all a blessing to be in the country where John Wesley began building the foundations of the Methodist faith.

I’ve also promised myself that I would go visit Susannah Wesley’s grave.  There was a marker in the chapel grounds but the actual grave is in the cemetery across the road.  I said to myself that it was safer to look around the cemetery in the morning where there was sunlight, but if I’m completely honest, wandering around a cemetery in near darkness wasn’t really my cup of tea.  For all my I’m-a-brave-girl bravado, I am a scaredy cat!  Haha!

Wesley's Chapel and Methodist Museum


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