The perfect meal!

12 Jul

The perfect meal would be me, my loved ones, a cool breeze, a brilliant view of the Taal Volcano, ice cold Coca-cola (not a paid advert, although if Coke would love to give me a gift that’d be great! haha!), hot and steaming boiled rice, several servings of crispy fried tilapia (tilapa is a kind of fish that I think is indigenous to Africa, but has been adopted in the Philippines, mostly because of how easy it is to farm them), beef kare-kare (of course with the requisite bagoong, which is sautéed shrimp paste, as a must-have side!), crispy pata (which is a deep-fried to a crisp pork shank), crispy fried daing na bangus (it’s a filleted milk fish marinated in vinegar, cracked black pepper and garlic and then fried to a crisp) and a HUGE bowl of bulalo ( pronounced boo-lah-loh; it’s a clear soup made from boiling a beef shanks and beef marrow for hours with whole pepper corns and onions).

Leslie's Restaurant, Tagaytay, Philippines

For those in the know, yes I am talking about Leslie’s in Tagaytay.  I went there once with my teammates from the Corp team in People Support.  We  went around to a lot of places and it was amazing.  But what I remember the most  was the amazing bulalo.  I think it was mainly because the quality of beef was amazing, because the beef was almost sweet!  I enjoyed the almost jelly-like beef marrow.  I’ve been making plans to make beef bulalo, but it does take ages to make it because you have to cook the beef until the meat falls away from the bone.  And then getting the beef marrow is also quite the production.  You have to pound the bone onto the table to coax the marrow out.  It’s worth the effort because the marrow is quite tasty (I am prepared to accept that beef marrow is an acquired taste, but if nobody wants to eat it, well, more for me!  Haha!  Can you say greedy?)!

What makes this a perfect meal would be my loved ones.  Sharing a meal with all of them, especially a Leslie’s bulalo meal,  all in one go, having them all together with me would be glorious!

Bulalo by Leslie's Tagaytay

Photo credits:

Leslie’s Tagaytay Bulalo –

Leslie’s Restaurant, Tagaytay, Philippines –


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