Do I or don’t I

30 Jun

Another social networking site.  I’m not too certain about wanting to sign up for it.  When I signed up for Facebook, I deleted all my other social network accounts…except for Twitter.  I have Facebook, Twitter, my blog and I think my LinkedIn account is still active…I think.

Do I really need another one?  I use Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with my family and my friends.  And really, if everyone migrates to Google+, what’s the sense in keeping my Facebook account active?  I mean, seriously, even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg is probably on Google+!

The jury is still out for me.  I’ll move when everyone moves, not because I’m going with the tide (well, maybe, I am!), but really, if the people I want to keep in touch with are on a different social networking site, what’s the use of staying where I am?


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