Tuesday whinge

28 Jun

Today is a relatively slow day and when it’s slow my mind tends to wander.  I’m waiting for deliveries today.  We’ve got a trunk arriving.  But that doesn’t arrive till later this afternoon.  So nothing in that respect can be done until the trunk arrives.

Hay Fever by NootoonI feel really icky today.  It’s not desperately hot today, not like yesterday when temperatures reached unimagined heights (well, that’s a bit of an exaggeration, 34°C isn’t really unimagined as I have experienced hotter climes in Manila, but apparently, yesterday was the hottest day in England since 2006!).  It was hot and humid and no one is ever pleasant when its hot and humid.

Yesterday, I felt like I was in a bit of a pickle.  It was uncomfortably warm, the pollen count was high which meant my hayfever was acting up and my wrist was playing up as well.  I had three strikes and it’s fair to say that at 5PM I was down for the count.  But my tribulations (what drama!) wouldn’t end there.  So there I was, waiting at Colchester for the trains.  Most, if not all of the trains going to and from Liverpool Street Station were delayed due to overheated overhead lines.  I just had to laugh when one newspaper headline said that there were delays because it was the wrong kind of sun!  So during the winter, trains are delayed due to the wrong kind of snow, and during the summer, we get the wrong kind of sun.  Brilliant!

Today is a whole other ball game.  I’ve got hayfever symptoms: I’ve been sneezing like crazy, my nose blocked, my eyes are itchy and watery, my throat feels like it’s being attacked by needles and I feel like my head is filled with cotton wool!  It’s only because the pollen count is expected to be high or very high…and believe me, my body is telling me the pollen count is high!  To make matters worse, I think I have a pimple inside my nose!!!  Every time I blow my nose and squeeze, it hurts and my right nostril hurts when I press it.  Argh!!!  I have no respite from feeling blecchy because work is a bit slow today…and I’ve got nothing to preoccupy myself with.  I’m thankful my wrist isn’t problematic today!

Right.  Whinge over!  Time to get my head back on straight!

Photo credit:

Hay Fever by Nootoon – http://www.toonpool.com/artists/nootoon_4780


One Response to “Tuesday whinge”

  1. liz 4 July 2011 at 14:54 #

    hahaha. the newspaper peeps there have some sense of humor! blaming delays on the “Wrong kind of sun”. 🙂

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