To Live or To Die?

22 Jun

Yesterday, in the morning, I was sleepily reading through my Twitter timeline when the train driver apologised for the non-movement of the train.  To be honest, in the back of my mind, I was wondering why we weren’t moving from the Mistley platform.  Apparently, at Manningtree, someone had attempted suicide (I’m assuming it was by jumping on the tracks) but was apprehended by the police.  There was a “congestion” of trains on the platforms at Manningtree because of this and this was the reason for our train’s non-movement.

I was mentally thinking, “People with suicidal intentions are selfish!  Why attempt suicide at the busiest time of the day and inconvenience the rest of the world?”  After having said that, I had a bit of a think.  I am not normally insensitive to other people’s feelings.  I tend to be a bit more considerate as I will, more often than not, adjust according to what is best for everyone.

My stand on suicide is a bit more inflexible though.  Suicide should NEVER be an option.  There is always something else, some other way out, some other solution, some other way of dealing with a problem.  Life is too changeable to just want to end it.  And besides, the old adage of life being like a wheel (sometimes you’re on top, sometimes you’re on the bottom)?  That’s pretty much true.  Things will get better and they always do.  It’s never really bad all the time.  There are wonderfully good times, even if there are only snatches of it.  And I believe that the good times, however few and far in between, are worth staying alive for.

I am blessed to have faith that bolsters me when things are difficult.  And when I hear news about people committing suicide, I just wish they had the reassurance that I have from my faith, because it gets me through the toughest thing.


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