Alyanna Josephine

12 Jun

On the 6th of June I received a precious invitation.

Will you be my godmother?

And my heart broke a little because I couldn’t be there.  I wasn’t there for her mother’s wedding, I missed her birth and now I’m missing her christening.  I haven’t met her yet, but the photos shared on Facebook already make me smile.  Of course there was no other answer to a question so sweetly asked:  I would be honoured to be your godmother, dearest Yanna.  We haven’t met yet, but I already cherish you as much as I cherish your mother.

To dearest Joanne and Allo,

These are not my words but they are perfect for today.

Your darling little angel
Was sent from Heaven above
As you celebrate her christening
You’re surrounding her with love

First came love
Then came marriage
Then came Yanna
In a baby carriage
Now’s the time
To make it all complete
And to hold the Christening
Of this child so sweet.


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